How to get free royal pass

How to get free royal pass

How to get free royal pass

Players must have ever thought that how to get free royal pass in pubg? PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game where players land on an island and fight to be the last. Keep scrolling down to read more about Free Royale Pass in PUBG as today we will give you complete information about how to get Free Royale Pass in detail.

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How to get free royal pass season 19

Each season’s Royal Pass of PUBG appears in the game along with new outfits, vehicle skins, and other cool-glowing skins. To get their hands on all of these rewards, players have to purchase an Elite Royale Pass worth around 600 UC. Not every player can buy Royal Ass through UC that’s why players keep looking for ways to get Royal Pass for free. That’s why today we have come up with a hinge for players to get the free May Royale Pass. Our post today is a treat for players who don’t have any great vehicle skins in their inventory yet.

How to get free royal pass

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Free Royal Pass in PUBG Season 19

PUBG new season 19 is live and it brings exciting features, specifications for the players. This new season of PUBG brings a slew of cosmetic designs, rewards and, most excitingly, the all-new Royal Pass, which helps PUBG players to win free passes, rewards while playing the game. So players must ensure that all players have updated to the latest version to avail the Season 19 Royale Pass.

Well players need 600 UC and 1800 UC to get the Elite Royale Pass. If players have saved it, you can buy a Royal Pass immediately. But if you haven’t bought the Royale Pass yet and you are looking for how to get the Free Royale Pass in PUBG Season 14, then you are at the right place.

How to get free royal pass

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The steps to get Free Royal Pass in PUBG Season 19 are mentioned below.

1) Launch PUBG first

2) After doing this go to the RP section which is located on the right side of the player’s screen.

3) Now tap on ‘Upgrade’ button.

4) After tapping on the upgrade button, choose between two variants of Royale Pass.

5) Now click on ‘Buy Royal Pass’ and proceed.

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