How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?

how to get diamonds in free fire

As you all know that Garena Free Fire has been a popular game among players globally. The game has tons of weapons, outfits, vehicle skins, characters, dress bundles, and more. The game also allows players to very easily redeem items after completing Elite Pass missions or, purchase items from the player’s in-game shop.

Players need Diamonds to buy all the items in the Free Fire game. That is why in our post, we will tell the players such a way, through this players will be able to get Diamonds.

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How to get Diamonds in Free Fire:

The player can obtain Diamonds in Free Fire using the methods described below.

1) Top-up

Top-up is the easiest way to get diamonds in Free Fire game. In Free Fire there is a top-up section available under the “Diamonds” option from which players can buy diamonds. Players are awarded a reward after purchasing the first diamond top-up in the Free Fire game.

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?
how to get free fire diamonds – how to get diamonds in free fire without money

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2) Membership

If you’re also the player who needs diamonds regularly in Free Fire, you can also choose to subscribe to Free Fire weekly or monthly. By doing this players can save their money instead of buying diamonds from top-ups. The cost of a weekly subscription to the Free Fire game is Rs. 159 and the monthly subscription price is approximately Rs.599.

If you subscribe to Free Fire, then by doing so you will get diamonds in Free Fire at a cheaper price. This membership in Free Fire also provides players with many benefits like S-VIP cards etc. In the weekly subscription of Free Fire game , 60 diamonds are transferred to the player’s account daily and in the monthly subscription of Free Fire, the player gets about 2000 diamonds. Players are also awarded 100 additional diamonds after the first purchase of Free Fire.

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3) Weekly Offers

Every week there are new offers coming in the free fire game. Various combinations of items are available at bargain prices in this weekly offer of the Free Fire game. All those players who want to buy items like Royal Vouchers etc in Free Fire should take advantage of these weekly offers of Free Fire.

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?
free fire diamond hack – free fire diamond app

4) Events

Free Fire organizes various events from time to time to give away free diamonds to the players. And the number of diamonds in these free fire events is very high, although these official programs of free fire come only on high important days like Eid, Christmas, Diwali etc.

5) Bug Reporting to Free Fire Advance Server

If the player finds any kind of error in the game, then the player will have to report it to Free Fire, by doing so the player will be given Diamonds as a reward by Free Fire. This is the easiest way to earn free diamonds in Free Fire.

6) Diamonds Hack Site

To get free diamonds in the Free Fire game, players can also use get-to-paid websites such as Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay, Wrostgame, Easy Rewards, etc.

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