how to get clothes in bgmi

how to get clothes in bgmi

how to get clothes in bgmi

The BGMI game has been officially made available to Indian players. The BGMI game title offers players an HD-quality battle royale experience that includes multiple maps and weapons.

Players in BGMI can dress up their in-game characters to make them even more attractive, but the good looking costumes in BGMI titles make it a little harder to get for free.

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Tips for getting clothes at BGMI

1) Redeem section

The first tip for getting free clothes at BGMI is the redeem section. This helps BGMI players with lots of legendary and rare clothes, who can use silver pieces or AG currency to redeem clothes in BGMI.

The BGMI game’s Redeem Shop offers players a range of well-known clothing items, such as the Marksman set. Users of this game can easily get it through 25 free silver pieces daily from the treasure section.

how to get clothes in bgmi
how to get outfits in bgmi – how to get dress in bgmi

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2) Crates

You can also use crates to get a potentially free outfit at BGMI. There are three types of free crates available at BGMI that you can open at BGMI at any time:

  • Premium Crate
  • Classic Crate
  • Supply Crate

At BGMI you can make one crate coupon out of ten scraps. BGMI provides these crates with legendary, legendary, epic and rare costumes to players for free.

how to get clothes in bgmi

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3) Events

The developers of the BGMI game keep on releasing events in this game from time to time. This event provides players in BGMI a chance to win prizes. To redeem these rewards in BGMI, players have to complete tasks assigned to events. The player is rewarded after completing the tasks.

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4) Tier rewards

Tier Rewards is the main source of getting free clothes at BGMI. In each session of the BGMI game, players’ levels are reset by the developers of BGMI and new levels of rewards are introduced in the game at that time.

Players can upgrade their level to get rewards like weapon skins, frames, titles and clothes in this game.

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