How to Gain XP in Minecraft

How to Gain XP in Minecraft

How to Gain XP in Minecraft

Mojang released a new Caves & Cliffs update last week after making players wait for a long time in Minecraft. Before the release of this new update, the developer had announced that only the first part of this update will be released, the second part of this update is to be released later this year.

Experience points become more important than ever in Minecraft with new additions this year. XP in Minecraft are glowing jewels that players can collect to increase their experience level. Players can use all of these points to enchant items in the enchantment table, or they can also use enchantment books.

This new survival world of Minecraft requires a plethora of XP levels for gamers to defend themselves from mob bosses like the bloodthirsty Ender Dragon by enchanting weapons and armor with high-level magic.

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Best Ways to Get XP Faster in Minecraft

Mining for ores

How to Gain XP in Minecraft
Gain XP in Minecraft – Mining ores (Image Via : Minecraft.fandom)

Mining ore in Minecraft will provide players with a good amount of XP.

Mining at night in Minecraft is recommended because instead of sleeping in Minecraft, players can easily gain XP points, other resources. During the day players can try out different ways to earn XP in Minecraft.

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Smelting in furnaces

How to Gain XP in Minecraft
Image Via : Minecraft.fandom

In Minecraft, players can earn XP levels by smelting the ores they spend in cooking. In Minecraft, players will gain XP after collecting kiln-cooked items.

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Breeding animals

How to Gain XP in Minecraft
Gain XP in Minecraft – Breeding passive mobs (Image Via : Minecraft.fandom)

Breeding passive mobs is an essential part of the game, with XP becoming a plus point.

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Bottle o’ enchanting

How to Gain XP in Minecraft

This is a bottle that releases experience points when thrown by players in Minecraft. All of these can be traded with villagers and this is the only way to get them.

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XP Farms

Players can build farms to quickly gain XP in Minecraft. However, the process of building an XP farm in Minecraft may be slightly different as there are many different farm designs available in Minecraft.

The best types of XP farms in Minecraft are Cactus Farm, Mob Farm, Enderman Farm and Gold Farm in Netherworld etc.

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