how to fix mic glitch in bgmi

how to fix mic glitch in bgmi

how to fix mic glitch in bgmi

BGMI has been recognized as one of the fastest growing mobile game lists, and shortly after the BGMI game’s release, BGMI completed over 500 million downloads. There are various maps and modes to explore in BGMI, and all of BGMI also have unique features that give players a unique experience in the game. You can also play this game with your friends and in this game you can also communicate with your friends through in-built voice chat feature.

Since BGMI is an online multiplayer game, every player has to face various glitches during gameplay in BGMI, whether it is FPS drops or a stutter, these bugs and glitches are undoubtedly the biggest problem in this game. If you are also troubled by the problem of mic in this game and you want to fix the problem of mic in this game, then you have to apply the methods to fix bgmi mic issue.

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Method to fix mic problem in BGMI

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1) Check your headphones

Damaged headphones can also be caused by a mic malfunction in the BGMI. Players have to see that their headphones are not bad, if your headphones are bad then you have to replace your headphones.

2) Turn on the mic from the in-game setting

Whenever your mic is not working properly while playing games, it does not mean that there is a problem with your mic. Sometimes while playing a game, you accidentally turn off the mic option from the game setting. This prevents your device from recording your voice, causing in-game communication problems. To solve this you have to look for the microphone button beside the minimap and turn it on. Also you have to make sure that your microphone volume is set to high by going to the audio settings of BGMI.

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3) Allow BGMI to record audio

You must allow BGMI to record audio through the microphone before playing the game. You need to check whether the permission is enabled in your device or not. To do this you need to go to Settings>>Application Management>>BGMI>>Permissions Options. You have to find Microphone option in the list and enable it.

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4) Resume the game

If you have gone through each step tha we have mentioned above , then it could possibly be a glitch that is causing the microphone of your mobile to not work. To resolve this issue you need to restart the BGMI application and login to your account once again.

5) Toggle in Airplane Mode

You can also toggle on Airplane Mode to resolve the mic issue. Because sometimes network error can occur due to some problem in internet connectivity in your device. So you have to toggle your mobile in Airplane Mode once.

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