How to find safe zone in Free Fire .

How to find safe zone in Free Fire

How to find safe zone in Free Fire

The Safe Zone is one of the game elements of Free Fire that some people commonly misunderstand about beginner players. These are the basic elements that you should know before playing Battlegrounds .

Your strategy and tactical game will improve by being accepted with the safe zone. Find out more about Safe Zones in Free Fire below.

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The first safe zone appears in 4 minutes and should cover the entire Bermuda land. However, it should be noted that four minutes is the total time that includes your parachuting duration. If you’re going to the edge of the map, you just have less time. At this point, you shouldn’t waste any time and loot weapons, armor, and anything else you need fast. Practically speaking, you only have a few minutes to get to the next safe zone. Keep your priority when picking up your player and get a vehicle if you are too far from the nearest safe area.

How to find safe zone in Free Fire .
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The safe zone appears as a large wide circle on the map and is the safe zone on the battlefield. We like to call it “playable zone” or work as play zone of PUBG. So, it should be clear that you have to stay inside the white circle as long as you live. No matter what strategy you choose to implement, you need to be aware of the changes in this white circle. There is also a countdown timer but you may have to check the map to be sure of the area.


The free fire safe place has a basic nature, the constant shrinking and shrinking of the white circle over time. Just outside the white circle is a dead zone where the cloud of death slowly eats away at your health bar. If your player cannot move to the white circle within two minutes, he or she is dead. The shrinking process is like a wave that moves faster than your player’s running speed. That’s why we suggest you to be on the alert with the next safe zone and make sure your player even before the white circle shrinks.

The shrinking safe zone in free fire is actually a game mechanism that applies to similar battle royale games. Secure Zone is meant to drive more dynamic gameplay and limit sessions. Can you imagine the players being comfortable for hours? In the end, every player must kill each other in the gameplay. You can explore any part of the map and loot specific weapons or items in a particular area but you need to be vigilant as the white circle progresses. If you have your favorite weapons do nothing but die without giving them any chance to use them.

The safe zone is the area where, logically, leftovers are collected. So, it’s not a total “safe” zone that keeps you safe at all times. Even if you’ve reached the white circle, it doesn’t mean you can loose the vigil as the players prepare to kill you. Be ready to compete!

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