How to earn money from blogging 2023? : ways to earn money from blog.

How to earn money from blogging 2022? : ways to earn money from blog.

How to earn money from blogging 2023?

Earning money from blogging is not as easy as you understand, because in blogging only those people are successful who have the ability and patience to work continuously, blogging is not a day’s work, it can take months and even years to do it.

If you have the seeming patience for some work, then you must read this blog post completely on how to earn money from blogging. Because I have tried to reach you many ways on this blog below with the help of this post, so let’s start this blog.

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What is Blogging?

Those who do not know what blogging is, let me tell them in easy language, blogging is not a high qualification word because even less educated people can do it, just they should have knowledge about mobile and computer.

How to earn money from blogging 2022? : ways to earn money from blog.
how to earn money from blog –

You will have the information only then you have come to this blog, well leave it, for blogging you need a website or blog because if you have good information on any subject, then write the article in English or Hindi on the website. All this is called blogging.

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There are many ways to do blogging such as the popular platform that it uses itself is blogger and wordpress. If you are interested in this on any other topic, then you can create a blog and know how to earn money from blog , now you know what are the different ways to earn money from blogging.

How to earn money from blogging?

There are many ways on Google to earn money from blog, but whatever methods below, it will work only then other ways to earn money from blogging. When there will be good traffic on your blog.

No method will work without traffic and your experience also matters a lot to earn money in your blogger career.

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So now you know if there is traffic in your blog, then how can you earn money from online blogging. To get the answer of this question, read the entire article till the bottom and start earning money by knowing the ways to earn money from blogging.

1) With the help of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular in the blogging field because nothing much has to be done in affiliate marketing.

Just have to share the link on your blog and along with that the link of which thing has to be told in the blog, which the user visiting the blog should know about it, which he can buy the product by clicking on the link. Which is the platform which can earn money for free by joining the affiliate program.

How to earn money from blogging 2022? : ways to earn money from blog.
how to earn money from blogging uk

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2) From Amazon –

Yes, by joining the Amazon Affiliate Program and sharing the link of unique products, then you can earn good money from affiliate commission. You will be able to earn money only when someone buys the product.

3) From hosting and blogging tools –

Many such blogging related tools such as domain and hosting, premium template, seo tools etc. Here are some platforms and tools that get good money by joining and sharing links on the blog.

On many youtube videos and blogger, more users are recommended for hosting and domain and it is told that I use this hosting and this hosting is best for you too, which viewer has to buy these tools.

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4) From Google Adsense –

First let’s talk about adsense, adsense is a free product of google which helps to monetize website/blog/youtube and earn money. And this is the best way to put advertisements in the blog, which if anyone clicks when organic traffic comes, then you can get monthly payment like Adsense.

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5) From –

This is also an ads network like Adsense, which requires website to be used as well as traffic to the blog. If your blog is in Hindi then it is very difficult to get the approval of

There should be a blog/website for getting approval in both the ads network and also unique article on the blog after which you can send for approval.

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6) By sponsor post –

The methods here are not at all for those who are just beginners, that is, if you have just started a new blog and you want that someone will ask me for a sponsor post.

So it is not like that at all because only those blogs are called to do sponsored posts which are very old, high authority and high traffic. If you have a blog, then surely someone will ask you for a sponsor post.

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7) By writing a post for others –

Yes, you will find many people in Facebook group. Those who look for a content writer for their blog, who pays according to the word, that is, if you write an article of 1000 words for them, then maybe give your 200 or even more money to it.

It depends how well you write seo friendly and user friendly post. So definitely try this date to earn more money from blogging.

How to earn money from blogging 2022? : ways to earn money from blog.
how to earn money online – how to earn money from blogger

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8) Selling Website –

There is no such official way but still many people sell their website on facebook and earn good money and if their blog has adsense approval then they can earn extra money from website around 5,000 to 50,000.

And also many people live to buy the website on fiver too, if you have good experience then selling website on fever and facebook can earn good money.

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Q1. How to do blogging on Google?

Ans. To do blogging on Google, first of all, you have to create an account on a free blog on blogger. Blogger is a free product of google, which can be used for blogging from Google with the help of mobile / laptop.

Q2. How to connect blogger with adsense?

Ans. There is a separate earning option on Blogger, which you can connect blogger to adsense and also by creating an account in direct adsense.

Q3. How to earn income from blog?

Ans. There is income from the blog only when good organic traffic is coming to the blog, along with traffic, adsense also helps you to make income from the blog.

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Conclusion –

How did you like this blog post ” how to earn money from blogging / blogger ” , I have given all the information about this in very easy language and I am very happy to help you all, that’s why I have written this post.

And if you want to earn money from youtube as well as blogger, then definitely read this post, here I have told in detail how to earn money from youtube, must read in Hindi. If the article is a bit informative then do not forget to share.

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