How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone – 100% Working

How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone - 100% Working

How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone – 100% Working

If you have jio mobile phone and want to enjoy amazing shooting game like PUBG in your jio phone then read our post carefully.

Well, there are many shooting games available on the internet which are specially made for mobile phones. Yet those games are not in the interest of all players. The thing about PUBG game is different from all the games. The game has become one of those famous games which has seen millions of downloads since its launch.

How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone

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Free PUBG in Jio Mobile

Here is an easy way to get PUBG game on Jio phone. Through this tick you can easily download PUBG game in Jio phone. To download PUBG in Jio Mobile, players can go to the Play Store and download the Free Fire app in Jio Phone.

If by this process players are facing any problem in downloading PUBG game on jio mobile or players do not know how to proceed then you do not have to worry at all.

For your problem we have all the details which will guide player to download PUBG game in Jio Phone. All the player has to do is follow these few simple steps on his smartphone.

1) Open any internet browser.

2) Now type ‘Playstore’ in your browser and then tap on the search button to proceed.

3) By doing this the search interface will show you all the options. But you have to go to the official site of Google Play Store. You can also click here to visit the Playstore site.

4) By doing this the Play Store will open in your Jio phone.

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How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone

5) Now you have to search PUBG there.

6) After doing this, tap on the top result you will see.

7) Now tap on the install button and get your app on your phone easily.

8) Now you can enjoy PUBG game.

How to Download PUBG in Jio Phone

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What to do if this method of downloading PUBG doesn’t work?

If the method of downloading PUBG game in your Jio phone is not working. So here is a list of all the steps that you should do.

Specifications To play PUBG, the smartphone should have a good processor, at least 4 GB RAM and at least 1.0 GB free space in the smartphone. The current processor in Jio Mobile is SPRD 9820A/QC8905, which does not support heavy graphics demanding games at all.

But still the players can enjoy the PUBG game. To download the game, the player has to go through the following steps.

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Many such processes are happening on your phone in the background which can take up your important RAM resources and occupy your mobile’s processor.

Before starting the game on your mobile, close all the apps running in the background of your phone.

To avoid lag in your Jio phone, turn off all the apps that may take up the player’s mobile data. By doing this, it will help in removing the lag coming in front of your mobile.

Make sure you have at least 10% free storage in your mobile to enjoy the game in your mobile without any interruption. This can be achieved by deleting the duplicate files which you are not currently using.

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