How to download free fire video .

How to download free fire video .

How to download free fire video .

Nowadays, many people like to watch free fire videos, also some people want to download free fire game videos for many things like uploading to status, sending to friends, etc., but they do not know the right way. That’s how those people can watch and download free fire videos. In today’s article, you will get complete information that how you can easily watch viral videos of all Free Fire.

Along with this, you will also get to know how you can watch free fire videos live or online, so friends, if you also want to know about all these, then stay tuned till the end of this article.

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What is free fire?

Friends, before proceeding on this topic, let me tell you what is Free Fire? Basically Free Fire is a battle royale game, which has become very popular in India now, and everyone is crazy about this game, although it is easy to play this game, you are landed in one place, then you have to loot. , and have to fight with the other 49 players, and if you beat all those players you win the game, this game is very interesting so everyone likes to play it.

How to download free fire video .
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How to watch Free Fire Video

Friends, there are many platforms available to watch videos of Free Fire, such as Instagram, Youtube, etc., as well as an App of Free Fire is also available on Playstore named Booyah, with the help of which you can watch and download Free Fire videos. To know in detail, read the steps given below.

Watch Free fire Video from YouTube

If you want to watch videos of Free Fire game online, then you can use YouTube for this, all you have to do is open the YouTube app which is already installed in every phone, then you have to click on the search bar. Search “Free fire gameplay videos” and you will come across many free fire videos, by clicking on which you can watch them, as well as information about this game by watching videos of free fire games from YouTube. You can get it, and you can also know the facts related to new updates.

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Below are the names of some Free Fire Youtubers who upload videos of Free Fire, which you can learn a lot by watching:

Watch Free fire Video from Instagram

Instagram is the second platform where videos of Free Fire games are uploaded the most. To watch Free Fire videos on Instagram, you first have to create an account on Instagram, which is quite easy, then you have to follow the pages and accounts associated with Free Fire, then the videos of Free Fire on your main page of Instagram. Who will start? If you want, you can also follow the hashtags associated with Free Fire, so that you can also get notification of new videos.

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If you want to see videos of Free Fire on Instagram, then you can follow the official pages of Free Fire from the link given below.

How to download free fire video .
download free fire video

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how to download free fire video

Downloading Free Fire Key Videos is quite easy, if you’re watching on YouTube, you can click on the download button below the video to download that video, and if you’re watching the video you’ve uploaded to Instagram. If you want to download, then you can follow the steps given below.

1) First of all download Instagram Video saver by clicking here.

2) Then, copy the link of any Free Fire video you like on Instagram.

3) To copy the link, you can copy the link by clicking on the three dots given on the left side of the video, going to the copy link option.

4) Now open Instagram Video saver.

5) Paste the link of the copied video there.

6) Now, Click on the Download button to save the Free Fire Key Video in your phone.

Note: Videos of Free Fire are copyrighted by Garena, so if you use them wrongly, Free Fire can delete the video you made without informing you. If you want to get free diamonds in free fire, then you can click here, you will get 2000 diamonds immediately.

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how to watch free fire video live

The fun of watching Free Fire videos online or say live is something else, if you want to watch Free Fire videos live, then you can watch it by searching “Free fire live” on YouTube. Booyah App made by Free Fire is well known for live stream, in this app many top Free Fire players come live and play Free Fire, as well as India’s top Free Fire Youtubers also come live on this app. If you want to see the gameplay of the big players of Free Fire live, then you can watch it with the help of this Booyah App.

How to download free fire video .
download free fir video song – download free fire video

Steps to watch Live Videos of Free Fire in BOOYAH App:

1) Download the BOOYAH application by going to playstore or clicking here.

2) Open BOOYAH App and create a new account using mobile number.

3) Now, scroll down a little bit in this APP and you will get the option of “Live now” click on it.

4) Now, all the streamers that are live at this time will appear in front of you, choose any one.

5) After selecting Streamer, whatever video is playing live through it will open.

6) Apart from this, you can also watch short videos related to Free Fire in BOOYAH APP, and also you will get information about getting free diamonds, and elite pass, etc. in this app. If you want, you can also take free redeem codes with the help of this app. This application is the best application for all players of Free Fire.

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What is the free fire video maker app?

If you want to make video of Free Fire, then you can use screen recorder apps, you will find many screen recorder apps on Playstore, you can choose any one, and Kinemaster APP to edit video of Free Fire. can use. By the way, AJ Screen Recorder APP is known as Free Fire Key Video Maker APP, you can also use it if you want.

How To Watch New Videos Of Free Fire Game?

If you want to see new videos of any free fire related channel, you can subscribe to it and turn on the notification bell, then you will get notification of every new video uploaded on that channel on your phone.

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How many free fire videos are uploaded on the internet in a day?

This question is asked quite often, so let me tell you that in a day at least ten thousand (10000) videos related to free fire are uploaded on the internet, and the views on them are in lakhs, going viral in India. Most of the videos in Free Fire Videos are from the Total Gaming Youtube channel.

last word:

By watching videos, we can learn a lot about Free Fire, as well as we can learn tips and tricks of Free Fire game by watching videos. Friends, how to watch videos of free fire games, I have tried to explain this topic in a good way in this article, and I hope you, how to watch and download free fire videos live. This would also be known.

To watch Free Fire Video, you can use the following methods:

  • By searching “FREE FIRE Videos” on YouTube.
  • By following Free Fire’s pages and hashtags on Instagram.
  • With the help of BOOYAH App.

If you liked this article, then share it with your friends as well, if you have any question in your mind, then do comment below, I will definitely help you.

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