how to check kd in BGMI

how to check kd in BGMI

how to check kd in BGMI :

Here’s how to check kd in bgmi – of course the player already knows battlegrounds mobile india. You all know that this game has been very popular among teenagers and adults alike. Players playing this game must have heard the name KD in this game. If you want to know how to see kd in bgmi then today’s post is just for you.

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What is Kd in BGMI?

KD means killer death ratio, it is called F/D in Battegrounds Mobile India. The KD ratio in BGMI refers to approximately how many times a player hits in each of these BGMI games.

The KD in BGMI is also used as an indicator for any player, whether a fan of the Battlegrounds Mobile India game or a noob player.

For example if you have played Battlegrounds Mobile India about 100 or more times and your KD ratio is 1, this is a 1 KD number that tells the player playing this game how many times the player can kill.

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how to check kd in bgmi , how to check f/d in bgmi.

The method to watch kd in battlegrounds mobile india is very simple. Players in this game can certainly do it themselves. However, here it can be a bit difficult to differentiate which KD is being used in the Batlergrounds Mobile India game. Since the numbers in KD in Battlegrounds Mobile India are multiple, are you still confused which is your current KD?

how to find kd bgmi

1) Open your BGMI Gamer Profile.

2) You will see a car in your screen, from there you have to move your screen.

how to check kd in BGMI
how to check K/D in bgmi

3) Now a screen will appear in front of you, you have to click on that screen, as shown in the picture.

how to check kd in BGMI

4) Now the KD ratio will be displayed in your mobile screen.

5) Now you can see the K/D of your game from the Statistics menu.

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