How to Change Server in Free Fire

How to Change Server in Free Fire

How to Change Server in Free Fire

Free Fire is currently one of the popular games in the Play Store. Originally Free Fire was released in 2017 since then the game has become famous all over the world.

Once a player has created an account in Free Fire, it is automatically assigned to the server closest to the player to play the game. In Free Fire games, players are not given any freedom to choose their servers in-game or change servers, and players are stuck with the server closest to them whenever they queue for a game.

How to Change Server in Free Fire – server change free fire app

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Although it is still possible to change servers using a virtual private network (VPN) in Free Fire, and today we will walk you through how you can change your Free Fire server:

1) First of all the player has to download the VPN of his choice.

2) First go to Settings and then clear the app data of Free Fire (Make sure the player has linked their current account with Google or Facebook before doing this.)

3) Now use VPN to change your location to your desired region/server.

4) Launch the Free Fire game.

5) Create a Guest account.

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That’s all! Now players can play Free Fire as much as they want on their desired server. If players want to bind this account, they can use a VPN to create a Google or Facebook account for the player, and then bind it to the guest account the player has just created. You can also turn off the VPN once you are done but your server will remain the same.

Although you need to be careful, players may find it exciting to change servers but players will face high ping which can be a very serious problem when playing fast paced battle royale like Free Fire. However if you are sure that you can handle the extra latency, feel free to go for it.

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