How to change age in BGMI

How to change age in BGMI

How to change age in BGMI

The BGMI game has been released by Krafton as a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile for the country of India. It is well known that due to security reasons, PUBG Mobile was banned in the country of India, due to which players in India cannot play PUBG Mobile. However BGMI was launched in India with many new rules and restrictions.

One of the key rules of BGMI is the age restriction; In this game people under the age of 18 must get their parent’s approval to play the game and players from working age can play this game for only three hours per day. And there is also a limit of 7,000 per month for underage players to buy in-game items .

So if you have put your age below 18 years by mistake in BGMI or you want to change your age limit to avoid such problems in BGMI, then you have to read this post of ours. Here’s a complete guide on how to change your age in the BGMI game.

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How to change age in BGMI
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How to change age in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

When you download BGMI for the first time, BGMI asks you “Are you over 18 years old or not”? At this time you make most of the mistakes in entering your age in BGMI, and for this reason your game account is banned when playing the game. Now you need to remove the age restriction to remove these restrictions, but how will you do it? Follow the steps given in our site to find out.

Method 1: Create New BGMI ID

You will need to create a new ID by adding a new Facebook/Twitter account.

1) Download BGMI game
2) Sign up to the game with a Facebook/Twitter account
3) Click on Yes (Age is above 18) option to avoid age restrictions.

Now you can start playing BGMI game without any restrictions.

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Method 2: Change age in game settings

You can also change your age by going to your game settings.

Steps to convert age to BGMI:

  • open bgmi game
  • Click on the up arrow icon at the bottom right of the home screen
  • Click on Settings option
  • Scroll down and click on Other
  • To change age just select YES option beside age 18 or above option

Note: Your in-game account must be one month old to change the age in BGMI.

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