How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep are a much needed mob in Minecraft games. In Minecraft, players make a variety of clothing items from sheep's wool. Today's guide is for players who want to own a farm full of sheep in minecraft.


How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft

Sheep are one of the animals in minecraft game. Sheep in minecraft play a very essential role in benefiting the players. The mobs in minecraft look lovely yet there is a useful mob thanks to all the items that drop when you kill a sheep.

For those players who want to build basic but compulsive items, the multitude of farm, animal husbandry is indispensable. Meat, leather and many important items can be easily obtained from these farm animals.

If players in Minecraft do not know how to breed sheep in Minecraft or how to tame sheep, then through this post of ours you will know it easily.

How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft
How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft survival

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About sheep in Minecraft

Sheep are the idle mob in Minecraft. Sheep in minecraft have a thick layer of wool over them that players can obtain in order to survive. Of all the animals in the Minecraft game, sheep are considered among the most accepted ones.

Apart from this you can easily find sheep in almost every grassy biome except woody badland plateaus, snowy tundra. Sheep in minecraft are usually bred in groups of about 2-3 in the natural world generation.

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Minecraft Sheep Colors

The colors of sheep in Minecraft game vary in 6 different colors. Vowels include:

  • Pink Sheep: 1.15% chance
  • Brown sheep: 3% chance
  • Light grey: 5% chance
  • Gray Sheep: 5% chance
  • Black sheep: 5% chance
  • White sheep: 81% chance
How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

The numbers above suggest that pink appears to be the rarest natural color that Minecraft sheep carry and also has the least chance of spawning. In fact the baby pink sheep in minecraft has an even rarer chance which is around 0.008%.

If players want to make swarms of the same colour in Minecraft, players can use colours to artificially colour them.

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Before the player learns how to breed sheep in a Minecraft game, the player must note that sheep are sought for items that players discard when killed.

  • Raw mutton and cotton block.
  • The player receives 1-2 raw mutton which is cooked on fire before meeting the Grim Reaper.
  • For each sheep in Minecraft, the player receives a block of wool whose color follows the skin of that sheep. Players can also shave their wool in Minecraft with scissors, so the player doesn’t have to put the sheep down.
  • Killing sheep in Minecraft will give the player 1-3 exp.
How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft
How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

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How to breed sheep in Minecraft?

Sheep eat wheat in minecraft game, you can grow wheat yourself in minecraft or you can find wheat in village farms.

You just have to let two sheep eat wheat in minecraft, by doing this they will enter love mode and then give birth to a lamb.

Note: If the parent’s skin color is different from each other in Minecraft, the child’s color will be the intermix of both.

How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft
How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft

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How to Tame Sheep in Minecraft

If players in Minecraft want to have a pet for themselves, read the steps below carefully.

  • First the player has to get the wheat. Players can grow them from seeds.
  • After getting the wheat, go to the sheep, equipping your wheat.
  • After approaching the crowd, lure the sheep to the enclosed space.
  • Once the sheep is in the barn, the player needs to close the space with a door. And just now you have succeeded in taming the sheep.

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