Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).

Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).

how does free fire work :Friends Free Fire game is the most played battle royale game, according to a report, the number of players active daily in Free Fire game is about 80 million. Today in India also millions of people play free fire game and many of these people are also crazy about this game. Whenever we play free fire game, many questions come in our mind, which we sometimes think about but after some time we forget them. If you also play Free Fire or any other battle royale game, then you must have wondered at some point of time how this game or Free Fire works.

There is a very interesting process behind running free fire or any other online multiplayer game, if you want to know how free fire works then you are at the right place, through this article you have given some important information on this subject.

Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).
how to play free fire

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how does free fire work

Free Fire Game 1 is a game in which you can play matches with other players, in simple language, it is a multiplayer game, you must have often seen playing single player games and you must know that there is more to play these games. Not fun but Free Fire game is a game in which you can directly interact with other people. With this you can show Emotes to other players and do many other things like send messages, audio chat etc. Sometimes you must also wonder how all this is possible. Friends, all this is possible with the help of your internet connection and server.

Free Fire game is a game in which the account of all the players present in this game is connected to a server, the server stores the data of most of the people playing Free Fire.
As soon as we play free fire game in our mobile phone or in anything else, then with your internet connection this game is able to connect to the server, and as soon as you do something in this game from your mobile, then it is in the form of data.

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I reaches the server, after that this message also reaches other people connected to your server. Similarly, it remains like a network and as soon as other people do something, you get all the information through the server immediately.

Friends, if you are thinking that free fire game has only one server then you are wrong, free fire game is one of the most popular battle royale game and the number of players in this game is very high, due to which this game can be played on only one server. cannot be used in. If this game has only one server then there will be many problems in playing this game due to which Garena has set up servers in different countries, so that players from every country can play this game easily.

Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).
how to play free fire in phone

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There are about 13 servers of Garena which are mentioned below –

  • India’s Free Fire Server
  • Indonesia’s Free Fire Servers
  • Thailand Free Fire Servers
  • Brazilian Free Fire Servers
  • Vietnam Free Fire Server
  • russia free fire server
  • Mexico’s Free Fire Servers
  • Middle East’s Free Fire Servers
  • Taiwan Free Fire Server
  • Europe’s Free Fire Servers
  • Malaysia Free Fire Servers
  • Bangladesh Free Fire Server

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Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).
free fire game ko kaise khele

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how to play free fire in phone

Free Fire game is considered one of the best battle royale game, the features of this game are very good and if you are thinking of playing this game then you must install it. If you do not know the process of running this game in the phone, then to run this game in the phone, you have to follow some steps given below –

Step 1. Connect to Mobile Data or WiFi

First of all, you have to connect your mobile to the internet, for this you can turn on your mobile data or you can still connect your device to the WiFi network.

Step 2. Open Play Store or App Store

After this, you have to open the application store present in your mobile, if you are using an Android smartphone then open the Play Store and if you are using an iOS smart phone then you have to open the App Store .

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Step 3. Search and install Free Fire

After opening play store or app store you will see an option of search bar, you have to put free fire in it and click on search option. As soon as you search free fire, you will get free fire application and with this you will also have the option to install, you have to click on this option to install this game.

Step 4. Open Free Fire and Login

After Free Fire is installed, you have to open Free Fire game and after that you have to create an account in this game, for this you can use your Facebook ID. After logging in, you will have to enter your name and after that you will get to see a tutorial with the help of which you will be able to understand the game easily.

Step 5. Select the mode and click on start button

As soon as you log in, you will see a start button on the screen, and on top of this you will see the option to choose the mode, you can choose any turn according to you and click on the start button to play the game .

Guide on how does free fire work (How to play free fire ).

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FAQ’s – How Free Fire Works

Can 13 year olds play Free Fire?

If you want to play Free Fire game then you must be at least 17 years old, Free Fire game has been given an age rating of 17 plus on Play Store and App Store. If you are under the age of 17 you should not use this game. 13 year old kid should stay away from free fire game, this game can have negative effect on their mind.

Is the BGMI game a copy of the Fire?

BGMI game is not copy of free fire game nor free fire game is copy of BGMI game, both of them are battle royale game. Free Fire and BGMI games have a lot in common, but they also share many unique features. People who play online games love both these games and both these games are equally popular too.

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how to hack free fire game ?

The Free Fire game is a very popular game, and Garena does a lot of work to make the game safe. Although many people have this question whether free fire game can be hacked, then the answer is no, you cannot hack this game.

last word

Friends, in this game we have told some important topics related to free fire game, the main of which is ‘How does free fire work’. In this game you have been explained the process of running Free Fire game in very easy language. Along with this, some important questions have also been added in this article which will help you to understand the topics mentioned in this article easily. I hope that the information provided by this article will be useful to you. If you want to convey your suggestion or complaint related to this article to us, then definitely tell by commenting.

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