free fire unban apk – full way to know | ff id unban apk.

free fire unban apk – full way to know | ff id unban apk.

free fire unban apk | ff id unban apk .

Hello friends, I hope you are all fine as always. How to Unban Free Fire ID, because of this those people get very disappointed but now you do not need to panic because you are reading the right post, after reading this post you will be able to unban your Free Fire ID .

Just for this, you have to read the post carefully till the last, as you know Free Fire game is considered to be a very big and famous game and everyone is going crazy about Free Fire because people are having fun playing it.

And why not come, such features have been put inside this game, if anyone plays once, then he becomes crazy about free fire, but many people make some mistakes while playing the game, due to which their free fire The ID is banned and then they are not able to use that ID again.

But before knowing how to recover free fire account, you will know that why is the free fire ID banned, due to which the free fire account is suspended, let us know.

Why is free fire id banned?

There can be some big reasons for getting Free Fire ID banned, which are mentioned below, you will know by reading this that why Free Fire ID gets banned.

Whenever you do something while playing free fire which is against the policy of free fire game

If so, then your Free Fire ID is banned, as if you street or threaten another player while playing the game, then your Free Fire ID can be banned.

If you mistreat your own teammate while playing the game or try to harm him in the game or use abusive language then your ID will be banned.

If ever you try to hack the game and execute any kind of xml file in it then your ID will be banned.

Free Fire game is very strict now so if you do any such activity inside the game like hacking the game to high jump or hitting auto headshot or flying car in the air then your ID will be banned immediately.

So these were some of the main reasons due to which your Free Fire ID can be banned, now you must have come to know that why Free Fire account is banned.

Free fire id unban trick

Many people like to play Free Fire very much, but some people play it in a wrong way, they start playing by cheating inside the game, first, when people used to cheat in Free Fire, the ID was not banned, because then about it Free Fire was not so strong but now it is not like this at all, now as soon as any person thinks of cheating in it.

This Free Fire account is immediately tracked and banned, but many people have very old IDs when If it is banned then they have a lot of trouble, they want to get it back, so they start searching how to unban free fire account. So let’s know how to unban Free Fire account.

To recover your Free Fire ID, follow the steps given below carefully only then you will be able to unban your ID.

1- First of all you have to turn on the internet connection of your phone, after that you have to open any one browser, after that you have to search by typing free fire help center, now you will get the official website of free fire help center in front of you. Click on the official website.

2- Now as soon as you go inside it by clicking on its website, there you will get to see the sign in option on the right side, you have to click on sign in.

After that a new page will open and there you will be asked to login, there you will get to see options like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. You have to login by selecting the one you had created for your Free Fire account.

3- After logging in, you will see some options there and you have to click on submit a request, after that you will be asked to select the country meaning country, then you have to select your country.

If you are from India then to India Now as soon as you select your country, after that you will be asked to enter the UID of your account which has been banned, then you have to enter the UID of your banned account which is also called Player ID. After that you will be asked to select the type of request, then I have to select and select the option with game concerns.

4- Now after this the type of problem will be asked, then you have to select the option with technical issue, after that a small box will appear in it, you have to tick it, then the option of description will appear, there you have to write the complete information properly.

It is about how your ID got banned and when it happened, after filling all this information, then you have to accept the privacy policy and tick the box, then you will get the last option of file attach, upload a screenshot in it. Take a screenshot of whatever error you are seeing while logging in and upload it here, after that click on the submit button, that’s all your work is done now there is no need to say anything else your request free fire company Will be received soon.

Now after this, your account will be thoroughly checked by Free Fire, if you did not execute any hacking file etc. in your account, then your ID will be unbanned again and you will be able to use that ID again. If you are able to enjoy by playing Free Fire, then now you must have come to know that how to unban free fire account Let us now know how to keep Free Fire account safe so that your Free Fire account is never banned in future.

How to save free fire account from getting banned?

If you want your account to be safe forever, never get banned or suspended, then I would advise you that when you play the free fire game, do not tamper with it and do not have any kind of hacking file in it.

Don’t forget to try to execute or else your account will be banned immediately, play the game with complete honesty, if you play the game like a game, then it will be better and if you play any game honestly then it will You will get more enjoyment so avoid any kind of cheating in the game and also treat your teammate and other players well.

Why was free fire banned in India and when will it come?

If you also play Free Fire, then you will know that Free Fire has recently been banned by the government inside India, it will no longer be visible to you on the Play Store, although it is present on the Play Store in other countries but it is banned in India.

This question has been done in your mind too that it was a Singapore company, then why it was also banned like pubg, so for your information I would like to tell that behind the free fire ban, the tencent company has a lot to do. The big reason is believed to be that the government claims that the Free Fire game has some connection with Tencent, it is believed that Tencent was a stakeholder of 18%, which is why Free Fire has been banned.

Now no one is aware of when it will come back in India, nor has any official update come on it, so it is very difficult to say right now when Free Fire will be back in India.

last word

In today’s post, I have told you, how to save free fire account from getting banned and why free fire account is banned And you must have liked the post very much, if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask by commenting below, if you liked the post, then do share it with your friends also.

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