free fire season 39 elite pass : season 39 elite pass complete details

This new season of Free Fire 39 Elite Pass set with a scarecrow theme, the next Elite Pass will bring a host of new and exclusive items for players on August 1, 2021.

Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass : Season 39 Features Flame Scarecrow Theme

Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass : Season 39 Features Flame Scarecrow Theme

Free fire game has received free fire season 39 elite pass August 2021 01/08. Called Scarecrow in Flames, the package has a scarecrow-inspired theme, along with some crazy details. This new Elite Pass includes the Highlights Spark Pack and Amazement Pack character skins. This Elite Pass can be purchased for around 600 Diamonds in Free Fire, but players can also purchase it during pre-orders for around 1200 Diamonds. Survivors who acquire it during the Elite Pass pre-sale receive a special Flaming Scarecrow Grenade item.

Players will need to remember that this new Elite Free Fire pass will be the 39th since the release of August 2021 – Scarecrow in Flame, Sakura Flower, the first pass and where it all started in Free fire.

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Elite Pass August 2021: Scarecrow on Fire

The highlights of this year’s Free Fire Elite Pass include visual items for male and female characters. The pack male skin called Scarecrow is made up of a full pack simulating a scarecrow, with a nice visual fire effect. The women’s package, called the Khukdi Spark Puck, consisted of a white shin tie guard and a headband, a blue cape, pants and boots.

free fire season 39 elite pass
free fire season 39 elite pass

In addition to character skins, players can also access other items in this elite pass with a “flaming scarecrow” theme, according to a video posted by a YouTuber. Free Fire’s pack includes you UMP weapon skin, sports car, backpack, emote, avatar, board and banner.

Players who don’t upgrade their Elite Pass in Free Fire can also collect basic items by completing Free Pass missions. Players will get Flame Jackets, Gold Coins, Banners, PET Food, Gold and Diamond Tickets, Backpacks, Fragment Boxes, Discount Cards, Token Boxes and Scarecrow on Scanners in this elite pass.

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free fire season 39 elite pass
free fire season 39 elite pass

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Free Fire Elite Pass rewards are issued according to the amount of badges collected in Free Fire. Badges can easily be earned by completing weekly quests in Free Fire. This time around 225 badges are needed to unlock the full August 2021 Elite Pass set. Another way to complete challenges in Free Fire is to buy badges: a unit costs about 30 diamonds.

In short: The next Elite Pass for Free Fire will be available in August 2021 Free Fire from day 01/08/2021 and the pre-sale for this Elite Pass will start on July 29.

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