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Free Fire one tap headshot trick download (100% working) | ff one tap headshot trick | headshot trick free fire |Fast Onetap headshot trick .

If you want to hit Headshot in Free Fire and you do not know how to hit one tap Headshot in Free Fire, then you have come to the right blog.

Because today I am going to give you information about Free Fire Headshot App so that you can hit Headshot very easily.

Friends, Free Fire is an exciting game that is very fun to play and Timepass is also very good, how does it take 2-4 hours to play Free Fire.

But friends, the fun of playing the real Free Fire comes to those who put Headshot in Free Fire, which we also call One Tap, but Headshot in Free Fire is not an easy task.

For this, we have to practice a lot and the mobile with which we play Free Fire should also be good, only then we can hit Headshot.

Headshots in Free Fire

But friends, not everyone has enough time to practice headshot hitting day and night and mobile is also not good that’s why we want to download Headshot App.

So let’s go ahead understanding the importance of time friends and know about Free Fire Mein Head Marne Apps.

1) One Tap Headshot Pro

This is the first app on our list and it is the complete Genuine app which is also available on Google Play Store which has already been downloaded by 5 million Free Fire players so far.

Friends Basically this is a GFX Tool in which the best setting to hit Headshot is already set so that if you play Free Fire by this app then it is easy to hit Headshot and Headshot due to good setting. feels good.

Many of you must be thinking that after using this app, there will be an automatic headshot, but it is not so, that is why I have clearly told you that in this setting your sensitivity etc. is done so that you can hit the headshot. I can easily.

Anyway, we know that if Headshot in Free Fire is applied against Garena’s Rule, then our Free Fire id can also be turned off, that’s why we are telling you about the Genuine app so that your Free Fire Id is safe.

One Tap Headshot Pro Features-

• All game versions are supported
• many other useful options
• Fire GFX tool free with ultra graphics
• Features to set the resolution
• Fps unlocking feature
• Options to change different types of graphics

App NameOne Tap Headshot Pro
Size14 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download5 Million+

2) Macro Sensi Max

This is an app that gives a good GFX setting for hitting One Tap and shows sensitivity so that we can headshot like a Pro Player from our mobile and go to Grand Master.

This app says that such a Gfx setting is given in it, which is used by big Grand Master Players and takes headshot, due to which they become Grand Master.

However, only after using this app, you will know how trusted it is in itself. In this we get to see more good features, in which we can also customize the setting according to our phone.

Macro Sensi Max App Features-

• Perfect Sensitivity

• Macro

• One Tap shot

• Sensi of B2K

• Game Booster

• GFX Tools

App NameMacro Sensi Max
Size14 MB
Rating4.0 Star
Download1 Million+


This app increases the DPI of your mobile and works to increase its sensitivity, so that we can apply Headshot very well and anyway Headshot looks very good in devices whose Sensitivity is high.

The sensitivity that it increases in our device, it increases the extra DPI, which means that the sensitivity of our mobile is more than what is already there, due to which the headshot is taken in a single tap.

In this, we get to see more extra features like we can do Frame Per Second (FPS) at 90 or 60, so that our low device can also enjoy high fps and also get the option of Booster, which boosts our game. it happens.

Macro Msi App Feature-length

• Change DPI
• Speed ​​Sensitivity
• Adjust Pixels
• Booster
• Macro
• Remove Dead Pixels

Size224 KB
Rating3.8 Star
Download1 Million+

4) Headshot Tools – Game Booster

This is also a popular Free Fire Me Headshot Lagane Wala Apps, you can guess its popularity from the fact that it has already been downloaded by 1 Million i.e. one million gamers so far.

This application is best for Free Fire Player because when you use it you can see that there is no lag in Free Fire as it generates high sensitivity to hit the headshot.

Friends, the best thing about this app is that you can use it in both Mobile and Pc, which is the best thing for us gamer because still many people play Free Fire in Pc.

Headshot Tools Game Booster Features-

• Play the game in high resolution without lag
• HDR graphics on low-end devices
• Change graphic styles with ultimate
• Check Device Info & Battery Status
• Game Booster & Ultra Graphic

App NameHeadshot Tools – Game Booster
Size19 MB
Rating3.8 Star
Download1 Million+
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5) Real Sensi FF

Friends, this is the fifth app of our list and this is also not such an app, but has been made for Dedicated Free Fire Game, which is used by Free Fire Players like us and takes headshot of the game.

This app is designed to help you improve your sensitivity and their intent is made with the aim of improving the gameplay so that the low & device also performs well.

Real Sensi FF has also been downloaded more than 1 million and its popularity is showing that soon it will touch 5 million users.

App NameReal Sensi FF
Size9.9 MB
Rating4.2 Star
Download1 Million+

6) 10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool

This is also a great GFX Tool which is designed to kill only One Tap because in this we get to see the option of Advance Sensitivity which makes it very easy to headshot in Free Fire.

If you are an Old Player of Free Fire, then this is of little use to you because you must have already been able to hit a little head and the setting available in this app makes Headshot even better.

Because I have mostly read the review of this app, I have got to know that this app has proved to be more useful for those who are old Free Fire Player and this app has not given any special benefit to the new players.

You will also get to see the premium version of 10X Fire GFX, in which more advanced features have been given, but this app that I have told is a free version.

10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool App Features-

• Sensi Macro
• Higher Resolution
• Raistar One Tap
• White 444 Sensitivity
• Fire Sensi hype
• Device Booster
• Custom HUD

App Name10X Fire GFX Sensitivity Tool
Size4.5 MB
Rating4.2 Star

last word-

So friends, this was today’s article in which you learned about Free Fire Headshot App, I hope you have understood today’s article.

If you really liked this article of mine, then you can give your opinion by commenting, till then take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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