free fire max top up hack download : How to do free fire max top up?

free fire max top up hack download : How to do free fire max top up?

free fire max top up hack download : How to do free fire max top up?

I am going to tell you how to do free fire max TOP UP . Many TOP UP events keep going free fire max like moco event, diamond royal bundle, incubator, legendry skin of mystry shop weapon etc. These questions must have come in my mind that how to top up and from where to do these top ups .

I am going to tell you all this in this article and which website is not running and which one will give the right diamond . Which is the best website and which one is giving the double diamond, I will tell all this in this article.

Top 10 Rare bundle in free fire max 

how to do free fire max top up

Now in free fire max, it is not on playstore, due to which people are not able to update free fire max and neither are able to pay any free fire max game now let’s talk when it is not happening like this then how For that you will have to do this process to top up as I have given instructions below.

If you top up by going to the free fire max game, it will not be from there.

So you have to install free fire max max because both these games run from same server.

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free fire max top up hack download : How to do free fire max top up?
free fire max top up download – free fire max top up double diamond

free fire max RECHARGE

1) After installing, login to free fire max ID free fire max max

2) After login, you can top up by going to free fire max diamond section

In this, no diamond will be found less nor expensive, in this also diamonds will be available at the same price and if this is the official app of garena, then money will not be lost either.

 Weekend Mission 3 event will start in Free Fire max.

Now some such website telling you that you must have heard their name while topping up and you must have also visited that website, some website gives you discount on top up and some also gives bonus and some such There is also the one who gives you some extra diamond at the same price, now let’s talk about the website, the name of the puzzle website is coda shop.


Coda shop is a top up website by visiting which you can top up different games like pubG, free fire max, FREFIRE MAX minecraft,call of duty, tinder some in this direct top up game which can be top up without entering id But let’s talk about your free fire max ever since free fire max has been removed from playstore.

Ever since free fire got removed from this website, before remove from playstore, some extra diamonds were also available on this website at the same price and trust was one of the website and its top up process was something like this.

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1) Earlier used to visit this website

2) After visiting, entering the game uid, so that the name of the gamer’s id was displayed on the screen and only after being verified, it would proceed

3) As soon as it goes ahead, it gives the option of payment, which would have these options.

  • net banking
  • Paytm
  • debit card
  • credit card

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4) By selecting one of these options, you can top up after filling the amount, this website has no use at the moment, now some knowledge is taken from other websites, this PRICE LIST is below.

1) 50 DIAMOND at Rs.40
2) 100 DIAMOND at RS.80
3) 310 DIAMOND in RS 240
4) 520 DIAMOND in RS 400
5) RS 1600 IN 2180 DIAMOND
6) 5600 DIAMOND in RS 4000

free fire max top up hack download : How to do free fire max top up?
free fire max top up problem

free fire max REACHARGE/ TOP UP is also a top up website which is the website of garena itself and because of not having top up in it, all the people can go here and top up and it is the official website of garena, because of which it is Is trust able, this website also tops up different games like free fire max top up, call of duty

Top up, league of legends top up,fantasy town,contra return etc game can be easily topped up by visiting this website then its top up

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Some of the process to do is :

1) First of all visit the website by writing it on google

2) Then after that select the game

3) After selecting, enter the game uid and confirm the uid name

4) After uid select payment option

  • net banking
  • Paytm
  • debit card
  • credit card

After selecting this, enter the amount and then top up the game.

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