Free Fire Max Pre registration rewards : Free Fire Max rewards

Free Fire Max Pre registration rewards

Free Fire Max Pre registration rewards

Free Fire Max rewards: As you already know that Free Fire Max is going to be launched for players all over the world. Players are now able to pre-register for Free Fire MAX. This new version of free fire game fire game is an advance version of the already popular battle royale game.
The pre-registration for the Free Fire Max game has started on 28th August 2021. Now players can visit the Google Play Store to pre-register themselves.

Free Fire Max Pre registration rewards will be given to players after the launch of the Free Fire game game. Players will be able to download the rewards they receive from Free Fire Max after the game’s launch.

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Free Fire Max pre registration rewards list

Rewards will be distributed to players playing Free Fire based on the number of pre-registrations. The list of Free Fire Max Pre Registration Rewards is given below.

  • 8 million pre-registration : Max Raychaser (Bottom)
  • 10 million pre-registration: Gold Royale Voucher (2)
  • 15 M pre-registration: Max Raychaser (Facepaint)
  • 20 M pre-registration: Cyber ​​Max Skyboard
  • 30 M pre-registration: Max Raychaser (Head)

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Free Fire Max invitation Rewards

Free Fire Max Pre registration rewards

Players can also get a chance to win rewards in Free Fire Max by inviting their friends. Based on the number of users successfully invited by the players, the following rewards will be given .

  • 1 user – Max Raychaser (Shoes)
  • 2 users – Max Raychaser (Mask)
  • 3 users – Max Raychaser (Top)
  • 4 users – Cyber ​​Max Loot Box
  • 5 users – Diamond Royale Voucher (10)

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