free fire max launch date ? Difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max and more

free fire max launch date

free fire max launch date : Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about when free fire max is going to be launched, if you are also eagerly waiting for free fire max and you want to know that it is our By when will it be launched in the country, then you have come to the right place, today we are going to give you accurate information about free fire max launch date in this article.

Friends, since the launch of Free Fire, this game has been very popular among the people, this game has been made for the players of low end devices which runs very well in small mobiles but Garena has recently announced this. It is said that he is going to launch the updated version of the Free Fire game ie Free Fire Max soon.

What is Free fire max ?

Many players will not know that what is free fire max after all, players just watch a little bit about it on youtube and then start searching things but we want to tell them all that free fire max free fire There will be an updated version of the game which will come with better graphics and sound quality.

This game will be bigger than Free Fire and in this game players will get to see everything in HD+ quality, also players are going to get a lot of improvement in the sound of guns inside this game.

Friends, let us tell you that Free Fire Max is being made for high end mobile devices, if the players mobile has 4GB or more RAM then this game is going to run very smoothly in your mobile, but if your mobile If RAM is less than 4GB then this game will not support players mobile.

Currently the beta testing of this game is going on which will be over very soon and the game will start rolling out officially.

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free fire max launch date
free fire max launch date

free fire max launch date

As you all would know that due to the Corona epidemic, all the offices and offices were closed, that is why the launch of this game got delayed, because the companies that made this game were closed due to coronavirus but The company that made this game has recently released the news that they have started working on this game and players can get this game for download on Google Play Store very soon.

Free Fire Max is going to be launched for players in the end of 2021, Garena will launch this game on Google Play Store by December 2021.

Earlier this game was to be launched on 24th December 2020 but due to some problem this game was not launched on 24th December 2020, there are still many bugs in this game which the company is trying to fix as soon as this game All the beta testing will be completed, this game will be available to the players to watch it officially on Google Play Store.

free fire max launch date
free fire max launch date in india (free fire max launch)

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What is the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

  • If seen, both of these are the same game which is being made by the same company but Garena Free Fire game supports in small mobile and Free Fire Max is going to run in mobile with more RAM.
  • In Free Fire Mix, you are going to get to see amazing graphics, which will double the fun of playing your game.
  • In Free Fire, you hear the sound of weapons a little different, which is quite different from the sound of real weapons, while in Free Fire Max, you get much better sound quality.
  • In Free Fire game you can’t see the anime from afar, in Free Fire Max, the player’s anime will be visible from afar and you will be able to kill him very easily.
  • In Free Fire, the player gets to see the grass, the house but it is not visible very well, whereas in Free Fire Max, the player is going to see every single graphics perfectly.
  • Free Fire has a lot of bugs and glitches, but players inside Garena Free Fire Max won’t get to see any such problems.
free fire max launch date
free fire vs free fire max ( free fire vs free fire max which is better )

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Free Fire?

The owner of Free Fire is Forrest li who thought of making this game and launched this game in the year 2017.

How much does Free Fire earn?

Free fire game earns more than 75 million in a day and about 2300 million in a month. This is an estimate but its earnings could be more or less.

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire?

To get diamonds in Free Fire, the player has to top up but if you want to get diamonds for free then you can play tournaments for that as we have told you above. If you want to know how to get free diamonds in free fire, then you can also read the post given on our site.

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