Free Fire Max December Elite Pass- free fire max elite vip hack | Elite Pass Badge Top Up.

Free Fire Max November Elite Pass- free fire max elite vip hack | Elite Pass Badge Top Up.

Free Fire Max December Elite Pass- free fire max elite vip hack | Elite Pass Badge Top Up.

December’s elite pass has been launched in Free Fire Max and along with it its top up event has also been launched.

If you want to get the elite pass rewards of December as soon as possible and don’t have time to collect Badges to complete missions, then there is a new Badge Top Up event in the game for you.

In this new top up, 50 Badges are being given to the player for free.

Let us know in this post how many diamonds are given to you in 50 Badge Free on the top up.

Elite Pass Badge Top Up

When you login to the game, you will see the banner of this new top up event, by clicking on which you can go to this event.

This top up is of 100 Diamonds i.e. you can top up 100 Diamonds and get 50 Badges Free for free.

To top up, click on top up and top up at least 100 diamonds.

When you top up you will see an option to claim 50 badges for free.

This top up is valid only on this day.


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