Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle Hack: How to Get Magic Cube Bundle in Free Fire for Free

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle Hack: How to Get Magic Cube Bundle in Free Fire for Free

Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle Hack

Free Fire is one of the most popular royal battle mobile games around the world. The game offers a variety of unique features to the players. Free Fire also knows how to attract and entertain players by regularly offering free gifts to the players in addition to the above mentioned excellent features. The Magic Cube is one of those associated with the annual Giving Away event of the Free Fire game. However, waiting for events like this isn’t the only way players can earn magic cubes for free in Free Fire. Actually there are many such tricks for this and today we are going to unveil all those tricks in front of the players.

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What is Magic Cube?

Magic cubes are like diamonds that players redeem for rewards and bundles in Free Fire. To earn a Magic Cube, players have to collect around 100 Magic Cube pieces from lucky spins, all kinds of events. That’s why the Magic Cube in Free Fire is a highly sought after item that is very hard to get in Free Fire. In Free Fire, players can buy special items from the Magic Cube store. All these items are special and luxury items that players cannot buy with normal coins or diamonds.

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How to Get the Magic Cube Bundle in Free Fire for Free

Method to Get Magic Cube Bundle in Free Fire for Free:-

1) Free Fire Events

Free Fire organizes an event every year to give away Magic Cubes to its players. This incident comes once in a year, last year this incident of Free Fire happened on Diwali. The rule is really simple, for this the player only needs to play the game for 15 minutes and then the player will have the magic cube for free. Apart from this, there are many other tricks that can help the player to earn for free.

free magic cube in free fire hack

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2) With special airdrop

In the Free Fire game every 10rs there is a magic cube inside the special airdrop. To buy this particular airdrop, the player has to use Google Balance. Even the player’s bank account balance cannot afford this item, players can buy this particular airdrop without spending any money.

free magic cube link

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3) Elite Pass

Another way to get the Magic Cube bundle in Free Fire for free is with the Elite Pass. Through this, players can get a free magic cube. Each Elite Pass in Free Fire provides approximately 10 cube pieces and since it requires about 100 cube pieces for a magic cube, the player will need at least 10 Elite Passes. Players can get them for free by clicking here.

free magic cube bundle

In addition to the three methods mentioned above, players can also get a Magic Cube for free by collecting 100x Magic Cube pieces from Diamond Royale. For redeeming pieces in the Magic Cube, players can also go to the Shop / Redeem / Cube fragment to redeem the reward.

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