Free Fire ID of Amitbhai : Free Fire ID of Desi Gamer, Monthly Income, phone number and more.

Free Fire ID of Amitbhai : Free Fire ID of Desi Gamer, Monthly Income, phone number and more.

Free Fire ID of Amitbhai

It is well known that Free Fire is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. As a result of the massive success of this game, you can see many content creation, streaming and export related areas related to this game.

For those wondering, Amit Sharma ie. “Amitbhai” runs the flagship “Desi Gamer” channel, which has over 11.7 million subscribers. On top of this Amitbhai has over 1.61 billion views to his name.

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Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID and Stats

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID: 206746194.

Free Fire ID of Amitbhai :
amitbhai free fire uid – free fire id of amitbhai

Amitbhai’s Lifetime Stats :

  • Amitbhai has recorded 8873 attendance in squad mode and Anitbhai’s win figure is 2423 i.e. 27.30%
  • Amitbhai’s K/D ratio is 3.67.
  • In Duo Mode Amitbhai has participated in 4785 matches and won on 793 occasions.
  • Content creators noted 12833 fragments at a kill-to-death ratio of around 3.21.
  • Desi Gamers has about 3,646 single games to its name and Desi Gamer has outperformed its enemies in 305, making Desi Gamer’s win rate to 8.36%.

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Ranked statistics

  • Amitbhai has appeared in 177 squad matches and has finished 40 times in the current season.
  • Amitbhai has 697 kills in this mode while managing a K/D ratio of 5.09.
  • Coming to Duo mode, he has played 95 Duo games and has 9 Buys.
  • Amitbhai has played 60 singles matches and won seven times.

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Amitbhai’s monthly earnings

Amitbhai has an estimated monthly income of between $10K and $160.5K.

desi gamer uid (youtube channel )

Youtube channel

It’s been three years since Amitbhai started uploading content related to Free Fire. There are currently 1049 videos available on Amitbhai’s YouTube channel, with 22 million views being the most viewed video of his videos.

In the last 30 days, desi gamers have garnered more than 200 thousand subscribers and 40.11 million views.

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