Free Fire : How to get free panda pet in ff

Free Fire : How to get free panda pet in ff

How to get free panda pet in ff

Panda is the best pet among the pets used by pro players in the Free Fire game. Today we are going to tell you the trick to get Free Fire Panda Pet for free.

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Panda skills in free fire

Panda Increases player’s 10 HP per 1 kill. This is the best skill ever in Free Fire game. This skill helps the player to play the game aggressively and impulsively. Players can also use the panda to show off to their friends.

How to get pandas for free

There are many events in Free Fire that offer Panda in Free Fire for free. For players we have a special airdrop that gets pandas, panda skin and pandas in Free Fire in just 10rs. Players need to click on this link if they want to receive a special airdrop to get Panda for free. If player does not have 10rs in google account, then player can also earn google cash for free, click on this link to earn paytm cash.

How to get free panda pet in ff

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