Free Fire Help Center Lost Guest Account: Recover Your Free Fire Lost Guest Account:

Have you also lost your Free Fire game account? And you don't know how to recover your ID password in Free Fire? So you don't have to worry at all, because we are here to give you the solution of this problem.

Free Fire Help Center Lost Guest Account: Recover your Free Fire Lost Guest Account:

Free Fire Help Center Lost Guest Account

If you’ve also lost your Free Fire game account, this will be very frustrating for you, especially if you’ve bought a lot of stuff in Free Fire with real money. Since in this game it is very important to create an account to play the Free Fire game on the players device. In this game, players can also create an account in this game as guest account or players can also easily log in to Free Fire account through Facebook, Gmail account.

However, there can be a reason for players to be out of account in this game. But players should not worry at all because here we have come up with a solution for this problem for you.

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how to recover free fire account

As players who play this game know that there are two types of accounts in Free Fire game, one of them is guest account and the other is players’ account, this account is linked to players’ Facebook or Gmail account. it happens. So let’s look at both of these methods.

Free Fire Help Center Lost Guest Account: Recover your Free Fire Lost Guest Account:

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1) How to recover lost guest account in Free Fire game?

As per official Free Fire guidelines, guest accounts data in Free Fire games is stored internally on the players’ devices and not on the cloud servers. So if players playing this game have lost their phone or their device’s internal data has been deleted, then players in this game cannot recover guest account. The player also has to check the Free Fire headshot settings in this game to auto aim the enemies head while fighting in the Free Fire game.

This reason is one of the main reasons to create a genuine Free Fire account. However players can try to contact the Free Fire support team through their account name and ID in Free Fire. But this method may not help the player.

Free Fire Help Center Lost Guest Account: Recover your Free Fire Lost Guest Account:
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2) How to reset Free Fire ID and Password?

There is no way to create a Free Fire account in a Free Fire game without submitting any details. So there is absolutely no need for players to recover their Free Fire ID.

So if a Free Fire player has lost their Free Fire game account, the player will need to reset the password for those Free Fire accounts that are linked to the Free Fire player’s Facebook or Gmail account. Players playing Free Fire should be aware that while creating an account in the Free Fire game, they have to login through their Facebook or Gmail.

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Steps to reset password on Facebook:

1) First open Facebook

2) Enter the email you added to Free Fire

3) Now you will see the option of Forgotten Password under Login

4) Now you have to click on Forgotten Password option.

5) There you will see several options to reset the password.

6) You have to select any one option and complete the verification process.

7) Now you have to enter a new password and login to your account.

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Steps to reset password on Google:

1) Visit the official website of Free Fire game and enter your email id.

2) Now you have to click on Forgot Password option.

3) Now you have to choose one of the methods to reset the password.

4) Now you can change your password and log in to your account.

In this way players can recover their lost Free Fire account in Free Fire.

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