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Free Fire Headshot Kaise Mare | free fire auto headshot setting hack | To install Free Fire headshot trick.

Today we are going to tell you about Free Fire headshot hitting trick. Whenever we shoot someone in the head in free fire game, it is fun. But there are still some Free Fire players who do not know how to hit the Headshot.

If you are also one of those players who do not know how to hit headshot, then this article is going to be important for you. In this article, we will learn how to kill headshots in Free Fire and we will also do some settings inside the game that will help in killing headshots. Also, if you want to become a Pro Free Fire player, you must learn how to headshot in Free Fire and this article will teach you how to headshot.

You will find many articles on the internet that describe how to headshot in Free Fire, but many readers did not find a solution in those ways, which means that even after knowing the information available on the internet, gamers are not able to headshot in Free Fire.

Have found The reason for this is that he could not get complete information regarding hitting the hatshot. But today you are going to get complete information related to hitting headshot here.

To hit the headshot in Garena Free Fire, you have to make some settings and along with it you are also going to tell some tricks so that you will learn to hit the headshot very easily.

What is headshot in Free Fire and what does it mean?

Whoever plays Free Fire, every player definitely knows about headshot, whether it is less or more, but definitely knows about headshot. If you do not know about it, then we tell you what is a headshot? Not only me but you will also know why you play Free Fire. To kill more and more enemies, to increase the points and thus the level increases. And you’ll want to kill a lot of enemies, too.

Whoever plays Free Fire, every player definitely knows about Headshot, whether more or less, but he definitely knows about Headshot. If you do not know about it, then we tell you now what is a headshot? Not only me but you will also know why you play Free Fire. To kill more and more enemies, to increase the points and thus the level increases. And you must also want to kill a lot of enemies.

There would be more desire to kill the enemy in one shot, that too in less time. More than this score increases and soon reach the next level. Headshot means that you aim at the head of an enemy to kill them in one shot. By using these methods, you can kill more enemies in less time and the points will also increase.

All Battal Rayale games like Free Fire, BGMI, Call of Dutty etc use a lot of headshots to kill enemies and let us tell you that headshots are an advanced skill.

Best trick to hit headshot in free fire

Headshot is a skill which you need to practice to learn, if you are not able to take headshot in one go, then give some time and keep practicing, after some time you will surely hit headshot in free fire. Will learn Below you are being told some settings that you have to do in your mobile in Free Fire account, this setting will help you in hitting headshots.

First of all open the Free Fire app in your mobile, if the app is not updated then first update it by going to Play Store or App Store and then log in to the Free Fire app and go to the home page.

To hit the headshot it is most important to increase the DPI (PPI), this is the best way to hit the headshot, you need to increase the DPI. The information to increase DPI is given below-

(1) Come to the Home Page of your mobile and go to Phone Setting.

(2) Now you have to find the option of Phone About, a Search Bar is given in the setting of every mobile, you can reach About Us Option by searching from there also.

(3) As soon as you open this option, then you have to click on MIUI or Build Number 10 times.

(4) Now you can increase DPI as per your wish.

Apart from this, we are telling you about some tricks, with the help of which you can hit headshots in Free Fire.

Required settings for Headshot

To kill Headshot, you have to do some important setting in Free Fire account. Open Free Fire first, and follow the settings carefully.

Set the Sensitivity Adjustment. After opening the game, you will see Setiing on the Corner, where you will get the option of Sensitivity Adjustment, click on it.

Here you have to do some setting.

Quick WeaponsSwitch On
Fire Button40 – 60
Red Dot40 – 60

You have to do this setting, this setting will help you to hit the headshot.

Use Controls Setting.

We are asking you to use the Controls setting so that you can take better headshots. So first of all go to the home page of the game and you have to click on Corner in the right side, go to the setting option and now you will get the control option, click on it.

As soon as you make this setting, you will see the improvement in the game and you will be able to apply headshot, go to the control option and turn on / off the following settings –

Quick ReloadOn
Left Fire ButtonScope Only
Auto Switch GunOn
AWM SnipingHold Fire to Scope

Some tricks to hit the headshot

By following all the information given to you, you can definitely apply headshot, if you still do not feel headshot, then you should follow some of the tips and tricks given below.

If you have read the article till now, then you must have understood that headshot is a skill that you need to practice. Keep practicing with the complete information mentioned in this article, you will definitely learn to hit headshots.

Use Best Gun

Gun plays a big role in headshot, if you headshot such a person, you will definitely fail, so you should use the best gun. We have given below a list of some people for you, in all of them you can apply headshot with any gun –

Desert Eagle

You can use these guns to hit headshots

Use Jump and Fire

This trick will be useful for you to headshot other Free Fire players. If you are a Fey Fire player then no doubt you know about Jump Fire.

If you do not know, then for your information, let us tell you that when you play the game, you must be running, it is said to jump while running. Along with this, adopt Moving Jump and Fire Gloowall, this will make it easier for you to hit headshots.

What is Free Fire?

If you are reading this article then without any doubt you are also a Free Fire player and you must know what is Free Fire? But if you do not know what it is, just you have a little knowledge about it, then no problem, today we will also tell you what is Free Fire after all?

Free Fire is a game whose full name is Garena Free Fire, this game was launched in the year 2017 but at that time it was only for computer due to which it could not become much popular.

But on November 20, 2017 the beta version of the game came out, a month later the Android and IOS versions were launched, since then the game was well received by the people and became very popular in a very short time.


Whatever question you had related to Free Fire me Headshot, its solution would have been found after reading this article. If you are satisfied with the information given by us, then definitely share this article and if you want information on any subject from us or have any kind of question, then definitely tell by commenting.

FAQ related to Free Fire Headshot trick

What to do to hit a headshot in Free Fire?

After reading this article, you will learn to hit headshot very easily.

Who is the best guy in Free Fire?

DJ Alok is the most popular.

How many people in the world play Free Fire?

Worldwide registered Free Fire users are more than 450 million.

How much does free fire earn in a day?

According to information available on the internet, Free Fire earns more than 70 million a day.

How many diamonds does DJ Alok come in?

The price of DJ Alok is 599 Diamonds, which will have to be bought by paying around ₹ 500.

Who is the best Noob player of Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer is called the Richest Noob player of Free Fire.

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