free fire hack id : free fire id hacker apk download – (100% working) : how to hack free fire game online without any app

free fire hack id : free fire id hacker apk download - (100% working) : how to hack free fire game online without any app

free fire hack id : free fire id hacker apk download – (100% working) : how to hack free fire game online without any app

Do you play free fire if yes then today I have brought information for you about how to hack free fire game online without any app. Everyone enjoys this game of the game, but we can also have fun by hacking the free fire game. This game has created panic ever since the PUBG game was banned. Today only this name is on everyone’s tongue and it is being liked a lot.

If you complete a level then you need diamond to play next game. Information will also be available. Free fire hacking app also comes. If you are interested in hacking free fire, then definitely read the post till the end.

how to hack free fire game online without any app

In today’s time, if 100 people have a smartphone, then 80 people are crazy about this game. But there is a problem of diamond in it, for which free fire has to be hacked, only then this game is fully enjoyed. By doing this you can get unlimited diamonds. It is sure that if you are reading this article then you must be crazy about this game. I am also a big fan of this game like you.

I used to play this game in a simple way like you in the past, but when I hacked it, the fun of the game has doubled. Then I thought that I will tell this thing to all such people who play this game. Most of the young generation people like to play the free fire game. Because it is the second most famous game in the world and is on the number one position in India because PUBG has been closed here.

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free fire hack id : free fire id hacker apk download - (100% working) : how to hack free fire game online without any app
free fire hack id no ban – free fire id hacker apk download

Like me, all of you must have thought of hacking Free Fire at some point or the other. I too thought all this a few days ago, but due to lack of knowledge of hacking, only kept thinking. It is a simple matter that if any work is to be done then first of all it is necessary to have knowledge about it. This is the reason that today’s post is for such people who want to hack this game.

The information that will be given in this post is experimental, whose every thing will be correct. This post will benefit such boys who cannot buy diamonds with money. That’s why by hacking free fire we can collect unlimited diamonds. The post is going to be a bit long, so take the time to read it completely.

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how to hack free fire game without any app

Although many posts will be found on the internet, to hack free fire, but I will tell you only two methods which are effective for hacking.

1. By Game Guardian

2. By mod apk

These are two such methods by using which you can hack Free Fire very easily. Now we will hack this game through Game Guardian, which you have to follow every step carefully and follow it. Come now know about it.

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About Free Fire and its history

Free Fire is a battle royale online game that can only be played on mobile. This game is designed to make the social experience enjoyable. You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

Its size is 777 MB on Google Play Store. So far 1 billion people have downloaded Free Fire. In this, you can buy diamonds from which you can buy tools according to you.

Free Fire About history

Talking about this history, it has been prepared by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garina. The game was released in beta-release (unofficial) on 20-November-2017, after which it was officially released on 4-December-2017 for Android and iOS in all countries. This mobile game has more than 1000 million users and is continuously increasing.

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The game consists of a group of more than 50 players, who descend on an island via a parachute in search of weapons to kill their opponents. Players have to win by killing other opponents.

Benefits of hacking free fire

If you hack Free Fire with the above method, then you get many features which are given below.

1) Wallhack – As soon as you hack it, you can see the enemies hidden in your house, which you can kill easily. Not only this, wherever your enemy is hidden, you will be seen whom you can kill anytime. This is a very useful feature.

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2) Aimbot – This feature is also very good which allows your enemy to kill himself. That is, all the enemies around you die automatically by you.

3) Rank Push – It is clear from the name that you can push your rank whenever you want, after hacking Free Fire. You can raise your level whenever you want.

4) Enemy Spot – In this feature you can find all your enemies very easily, no matter where they are hidden. Once enemies are spotted, they can be killed easily.

5) No Recoil – Due to this feature, your aim becomes very strong because the movement of your gun is over. So that no matter how far away your enemies are, you can hit them with accurate targets.

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6) Health – This feature is also very great if you hack Free Fire. In this, if your enemy kills you, then you are healthy strong and does not have much effect on your health and health does not end quickly.

There are many more features like high jump, long jump, speed hack etc. But all the above features are more useful and also important.

free fire hack id : free fire id hacker apk download - (100% working) : how to hack free fire game online without any app
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how to hack free fire game without any app

1. Hacking Free Fire by Game Guardian

Friends, if you want to hack Free Fire with Game Guardian, then first you have to download a script file. After this you can download the VPN. Now you have to download and install a dual space app in your mobile. The rest of the process is given below, follow which.

=> Install Game Guardian app

First of all, download and install the Game Guardian app on your mobile from Google Play or any other source. After installing, whatever permission you ask for, you have to give it.

=> Open Dual Space App

Now you have to open Dual Space app. As soon as you open it, you will see a plus (+) sign, click on it. After this, you have to select the game Guardian and Free Fire, then click on Clone. By clicking on the clone, cloning of both the games Guardian and Free Fire will start, which will take some time, wait for it.

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=> Open the Game Guardian app

When the cloning is complete, you have to open the Game Guardian app and on opening it will ask for some permission, then you have to give it.

=> Minimize game guardian app

After that you will see a Fix it option at the bottom, click on it. After that, many options will start showing in front of you, then you have to click on Prevent Upload No, then click on level 3, then you will see the start button at the bottom, then you have to click on it and Then the game guardian app has to be minimized.

=> Open the free fire game

After this, you have to open Free Fire from the place of cloning itself. As soon as you open Free Fire, you will see the icon of Game Guardian, on which you have to tap. After this, click on Menu then click on Free Fire Script.

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=> Find the free fire.lua file

In this point you have to find the folder in which the free fire.lua file is saved. After getting the script file, you have to click on Tap Execute.

=> Click on the icon of Game Guardian

Now this game will load once again. After loading, you have to click on the icon of the game guardian. After this you have to select the option ‘New Bypass’ (Keep in mind that open after the Free Fire logo).

=> Select option

In this you have to select various hacking options after the script is loaded into the game. Suppose if you need to implement Wall Hack, then select the menu of Wall Hack and then you can choose the option as per your wish.

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Your Free Fire has been hacked. Now you can enjoy it a lot.

Note – If you do something wrong with the method described, then your free fire account can also be banned. So follow the steps which have been given carefully.

Request – Hacking anything is a legal offense and this post neither encourages you to hack nor promotes any game. The purpose of this post is only to increase the knowledge level and not to do illegal work. That’s why you are requested to use the post how to hack free fire without app only to increase knowledge and not to harm anyone.

Hacking Free Fire by MOD Apk

Friends, Free Fire can also be hacked by this method. This method is most useful. In this method the hacker changes the whole game. Makes everything free. Overall, Hecker makes only another version of the game. Whenever you open it, you will get everything for free, that too unlimited.

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Friends, this method can be used by those people who know programming very well. Normal users cannot use this method. In this method, the programmer changes the entire coding of the game and adds the water code, and then creates a new version and shares it on the net. Some programmers provide this game for money by increasing it, currently these versions are free.

Friends, I am not telling this method because all this is the work of a professional hacker and there is a risk in it. If a programmer who can change the game can also hack your mobile.

Keep in mind one thing that you do not have to enter your original ID in this, otherwise your account will be closed.

So friends have tried to tell you how to hack free fire game without any app in this post. If you have read the post completely and carefully then you will not face any problem in any step. If it comes, then definitely ask by commenting.

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