Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 info : List of All Free Rewards

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 info

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39

The Elite Pass is one of the best ways for players to get rewards in free games. To progress through this and obtain themed cosmetic items, players have to earn badges by completing a variety of missions.

The Season 39 Elite Pass of Free Fire is starting soon. As always, this time too players can easily upgrade to the Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds. Meanwhile the Elite bundle in Free Fire will cost 999 diamonds. This time there is also a free pass, but it offers limited rewards to the player as compared to the paid version.

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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Free Rewards

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 info
Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 info (Image Via : Facebook / All gaming )

Below are a list of free prizes, along with the required number of badges players can get from Elite Pass Season 39:

  • 50 gold
  • County Boss (Avatar) (Unlocked at 7 badges)
  • 4 x Scan (8 badges unlocked)
  • 1x Pet Food (Unlocked to 5 Badges)
  • 2 x Gold Vouchers (Unlocked on 20 Badges)
  • Guns For Rent T-Shirt (Unlocked at 10 Badges)
  • 1x Diamond Royal Voucher (Unlocked on 30 Badges)
  • 2 x Fragment Crate (Unlocked at 50 badges)
  • 1x Discount Coupon (Unlocked on 80 Badges)
  • 2 x EVO Gun Token Box (Unlocked at 35 badges)
  • 350 Gold (Unlocked at 50 badges)
  • T-shirt (unlocked on 10 badges)
  • 3x Summon Airdrop (Unlocked at 20 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (Unlocked 100 Badges)
  • 3x Resupply Map (Unlocked at 40 badges)
  • 1x Evo Gun Token Box (Unlocked at 14 Badges)
  • 1x Fragment Case II (Unlocked at 70 badges)
  • 3x Bonfire (Unlocked at 100 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Royal Voucher (Unlocked to 90 Badges)
  • Guns for Higher Backpack (Unlocked at 20 badges)
  • 1x Evo Gun Token Box (Unlocked to 05 Badges)
  • 3x Gold Royal Vouchers (Unlocked on 20 Badges)
  • 3x County Tokens (Unlocked at 20 Badges)
  • 500x Universal Fragment (Unlocked at 250 badges)

End date

As you all know, the Free Fire Elite Pass starts at the beginning of every month and ends at the end of the same month.

This time Elite Pass Season 39 will end on 31st August.

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