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All you readers and youth are welcome on our blog today I am going to tell you How to earn money from free fire. If you are also a Free Fire Player and want to earn money by playing Free Fire then you stay with us till the end.

Our Free Fire Players must have played at least Daily 10-15 Matches, but we do not get any rewards, instead we invest money from our pockets in Free Fire. If there are any new events or to buy anything, then our readers put money from their pockets and do not earn even a single rupee.

So in today’s article I will tell you how to earn money by playing Free Fire. Most of our readers think that the Youtube creator is the one who earns money from Free Fire by putting videos of Free Fire.

But this thinking is not right because apart from videos, there are many ways by which we can earn money from Free Fire Game and I am going to tell you how to earn.

Our readers can easily earn 300-500 rupees daily along with the adventure and entertainment of Free Fire, but they can earn more money than this, so I request my readers and youth to read this article well.

how to make money with free fire

So we would like to say only to our readers and youth that how to earn moey from free fire, then you read the below article in full detail.

With which you can earn money in different ways by playing Free Fire and Free Fire Game and can get those money in your bank account or Paytm Wallet.

What is Free Fire?

Our Free Fire Player will already know what is Free Fire but I want to tell you about some points so that you should not face any difficulties in earning money from Free Fire in the future.

Garena Free Fire also known as Free Fire. This is an Online Battle Royale Game. Which we also know as Multiplayer Game.

Free Fire was developed by 111 Dots Studio and officially published by Garena on Play Store or iOS for Android & iOS.

It was first made available playable on 23 August 2017 for Android and iOS, at this time Free Fire did not get much popularity, but there were many allegations against it. Since it was made keeping in mind the low & device users, the graphics were not that good in it.

But slowly it has become the most downloaded game globally in 2019 and till now more than 1 Billion people have downloaded this game all over the world.

If you play this game then you will know how exciting this game is. In this you can connect online with anyone across India and make a team with your friends and enjoy the game.

You can make a team in it in Solo, Duo, Squad, now even six people can play this game together, this game is really fun which old, kids and youngest people also like to play.

Who made Free Fire and where is this company?

If you want to earn money from Free Fire then you should know what is the name of the founder of Free Fire? And which country’s company is this, it is very important for you to have knowledge of all these things.

You know that the company by which Free Fire is run is Garena and the name of the owner of Garena Free Fire is Forrest Li, who hails from the country of Singapore.

Forrest Li is the founder of Free Fire and is also the current CEO of Garena. If seen, Free Fire is completely run by Forrest Li.

How and from where to download Free Fire?

Our readers and youth will already know about downloading Free Fire, but many of our readers are new who do not know how to download Free Fire, so today we will know where to download many Free Fire in complete details.

If you use Android phone then you can download Free Fire from Play Store and those who use IOS phone can download it from IOS Store, I will give you the link of both the stores below.

How to Download Free Fire in Android Phone-

1) First of all open Play Store in mobile.

2) Type Free Fire in the search bar.

3) Now you will see Free Fire, click on Install button and play Free Fire.

Can you earn money from Free Fire?

The same question is still going on in the minds of many of our readers whether money can be earned from Free Fire Game. And how much money can be earned from it. so i would like to say to my free fire player that

Yes, money is earned from Free Fire and before you thousands of people are earning money from Free Fire and you can also earn. All you need is proper guidance.

I would like to tell you that many people have made Free Fire as a career. In which you have thousands of examples like Total Gaming and Desi Gamer.

One more question must be coming in your mind that you are earning money by putting videos in YouTube but it is not so and there are many other ways by which you can earn lakhs of rupees.

If you understand Free Fire well, then you can earn money by writing a blog post on it. Or you can earn money and make your career by participating in E-Sport.

With this you can earn lakhs of rupees, but you want to earn a little temporary money so that you can do mobile recharge etc., then I will also tell you so that you can earn so much money through mobile recharge by working a little hard.

If you want to make Free Fire As a Career then you should create a Youtube Channel and put videos in it on Daily Basis. I would like to tell you that it is very easy to grow Youtube Channel of Free Fire. And you can earn a lot of money from this.

1) How to earn money from Free Fire Live Streaming.

Today is the era of gaming industry and you will not even have any idea that how much money you can earn by doing Free Fire Live Streaming. Since the number of gamers in the present era is very high.

I would like to tell my readers that people who are associated with their game, no matter what game they play, they like to play the game as well as watch its live video, whether it is Free Fire or Minecraft. People definitely like watching videos.

In such a situation, we are going to do Live Video Streaming of Free Fire and you will know that there is no dearth of fans of Free Fire all over India.

Talk about those successful people who have earned a lot of money by live streaming, among them the name of famous gamer like Techno Gamerz, Carry Is Live, Total Gaming comes.

So you too can earn a good amount from Free Fire by doing Live Streaming and I will also tell you what is Free Fire? Which platform has live stream and how to earn money from it? I am going to give you complete information.

What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is what we call live streaming when a video is sent over the internet in real time without being recorded and stored.

Today TV broadcasts, video game streams, social media videos can all be streamed live.

What is Free Fire Live Stream?

We want to tell our readers and youth that Free Fire Live Stream is the activity by which we make Free Fire Game Live Gameplay on Platforms like Youtube and Facebook. We call it Ff live streaming.

With the help of Free Fire Live Streaming, we can earn money in many ways, with the help of Super Chat, Adsense, and Sponsored Ship, we can earn a lot of money.

How to do Live Streaming of Free Fire?

Dear reader, to do Live Streaming of Free Fire, you first need to know on which platform you want to do Live Streaming, then you can do Live Streaming on Youtube in the first and Facebook in the second.

To live stream on Facebook or Youtube, you will have to take the help of a third party application, there are many good applications, but the one I liked the best is “CameraFi Live app” because it is very easy to use.

You can download CameraFi Live App from Play Store or iOS Store or you can download it from the link given below.

How to do Live Streaming of Free Fire Game with CameraFi Live App-

STEP-1 To do live streaming of Free Fire, first download the CameraFi Live APP.

STEP2- If you open the APP after downloading, you will get the Terms of Use written, if you want to read it completely or tick the box with I Agree and click on the Next button.

STEP3- Now you must have reached the Home Screen of the APP, first of all select the Screen Option as you can see in the picture. Because we want to do Live Stream of Free Fire, that means on our screen, then select Screen Option.

STEP4- Now below you will be seeing Youtube and Facebook and many other streaming platforms, so choose whatever you want, I am going to choose Youtube.

STEP5- After selecting Youtube, you have to select your channel that means choose your Gmail id. , And again the new page will open, then click on Allow.

STEP6- Now you are ready to do Live Streaming Click on START Option

STEP7- Now your Live Streaming has been started. Your screen will be visible to the Live logo on Youtube, that’s why you start Free Fire and start Free Fire Live Streaming.

Other Best Apps for Free Fire Live Streaming-

• Omlet
• Stream Labs
• Twitch
• Loco
• Tango
• Turnip

How to get money from FF Live Streaming?

You have learned to live stream, but to earn money from it, you have to put Google Adsense on Youtube and Facebook Ads on Facebook, from this you can earn money.

If you get more and more views then you can earn a lot of money by doing sponsorship and link insertion of blog. And Affiliate Link means that you can earn money in many ways.

2) How to earn money from free fire tournament?

Dear reader, if you like to play Free Fire Game and keep playing Free Fire for a long time, then you can earn money by participating in Tournament. Friends, in today’s time, daily tournaments are organized so that you can play tournaments daily.

Just as tournaments of big sports are organized like IPL of cricket, in the same way, experts and Pro Players of Free Fire get tournaments done on their YouTube channel and those who do Top 3 Player Booyah, they get money in the form of some prizes. You can earn money.

But many times there is no tournament on YouTube and due to the high competition, they are not able to participate in the tournament, that’s why I tell you the name of the application to play some good Free Fire Tournament. With which you can play tournaments 24 hours a day.

In this way, there are many applications available to earn money by playing tournaments in Free Fire, but I would like to tell you about the latest app, its name is Khiladi Adda App. You can download it from Google or from below link. Now let us see its Sign Up Process.

How to play Tournament with Khiladi Adda app-

Step1– First of all download this app from Google or the link given below.

Step2- After opening the app, click on Register

Step3- After that register by (Name, Email id, Mobile number, Password)

Step4- Now your mobile number otp will come, enter it

Step5- Now your registration process has been completed, now you should login by mobile number and password.

Step6- After the App comes on the home screen, Free Fire Game will be visible, click on it.

Step7- After that the option of Solo, Duo, Squad will be visible in the top and the schedule of many tournaments will be visible. You can earn money by playing tournaments according to your time.

So you must have seen that how you can earn money by playing tournaments, I will give you the names of some other tournament apps below in which you can earn money by playing Free Fire.

Other Apps for Free Fire Tournament-

• Game.Tv
• Looper
• Winzo Gold
• Tournament
• Star War
• Much More.

3) By making short videos of Free Fire?

If our Free Fire player wants to earn money from Free Fire in the 21st century, then you can earn by making short videos because in today’s time people like to watch short videos instead of watching full videos.

If you make a video of Free Fire’s Best Funny Moment or Action Game play, FF Attitude, Free Fire Emotional etc. and use some editing and filters, then a great Free Fire short video will be ready.

You can publish short videos of your Free Fire on platforms like Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels and other short video applications. If you want to know about the best Short Video Watching Apps, you can read this.

One more thing I would like to say that you do not make short videos only on YouTube, but make short videos on all the short video platforms, this will create your branding. And you will be able to earn more and more money.

4) Earn money by sharing Free Fire information on Facebook?

Friends, in today’s time, Facebook is used by almost the person who has an Android phone and our Free Fire Player also uses Facebook and the most interesting thing is that the id of our Free Fire is bind to Facebook itself, so it is a good thing. Is.

You can tell about the Upcoming News of Free Fire. Or Tips & Trick means that you can tell people on Facebook all the information that can be made of Free Fire. If more people become on Facebook then you can earn a lot of money by placing ads.

You can earn a lot of money by sharing Free Fire information not only on Facebook but also on other social media platforms like Quora, Vocal, but you will have to work a little hard.

5) How to earn money from Free Fire League?

If you play Free Fire regularly, then you will know that there is always some championship league going on in free fire, in which you have to play with your squad, if your squad is a Pro Squad then you must participate in these leagues.

Anyone can take part in this league and the team that goes till the end will get a package of lakhs of rupees, which will make you big money and the World Cup happens once in a year.

So you do not have to leave the World Cup in any way because in this also you can make your squad and those who get a lot of money.

6) How to earn money in Free Fire by Buying & Selling Id of Free Fire?

Our readers can also earn Part Time Money by Buying & Selling Free Fire Id from which they can do Top Up and Mobile Recharge. You must know how high the demand for free fire id is.

Whoever has 1st or 2nd Elite pass id or old Elite pass has an id, by the way, id is sold in lakhs, which big youtubers will buy at once, if you sell a good id then you can earn a lot of money.

Or you have many pages on Facebook in which Id Buy & Sell and you will get good groups on Telegram, by joining in which you can earn money from Free Fire in this way.

7) How to earn money through Free Fire Top Up Center?

If the number of people playing Free Fire is more in your village, then you can earn money by topping up in Free Fire of people because many people do not know how to top up, so that you can take advantage of this by getting others to top up. And you can ask for some charges to top up.

8) Creating a Gaming Channel on Youtube

If our Free Fire player is running Free Fire as a Career and want to earn money from Free Fire, then YouTube is the best among all the above mentioned methods. You can generate better income by putting Free Fire’s Gameplay Video.

Right now there are thousands of Free Fire Youtube channels that are earning money, so why can’t you make a YouTube channel today and upload it by making a video.

Slowly you will grow the channel and get 1k Subscriber and 4000 hours watch time, then you can apply Adsense by taking approval of Adsense and earn money from it.

Once views start coming on your Free Fire Videos, you can also earn money by sending traffic to Sponsorship, Affiliate Link, Blog, promoting the application and applying links.

Strange facts related to Free Fire-

  1. Free Fire was first released on 23 August 2017.
  2. Free Fire has been downloaded more than 1 Billion all over the world so far.
  3. The number of people playing Free Fire in India is more than 100 million.
  4. Free Fire’s Ceo is Forrest Li.
  5. Free Fire is played the most in the world in Indonesia and Singapore.
  6. Free Fire has more than 50 million daily active users.
  7. Children, old, young and people of all ages like to play Free Fire.
  8. Free Fire is also available in Hindi language.

Things to note-

1) We would like to tell our readers that these things are more important than what has been mentioned above. So you understand this too.

2) You did not play Free Fire much because it is very addictive, so addictive that you cannot guess it. It is spoiling your daily life.

3) Playing more Free Fire can give you Stress, Eye Pain, Neck Pain and your fingers can become weak.

4) If you are a student, then because of playing Free Fire, you will not feel like studying, but due to playing more, your mental ability can be strengthened, your ability to think, understand and remember will start decreasing gradually.

5) You should never spend money in Free Fire because it is the most powerful reason to make you a game addict, that is why you should not spend even a single rupee in it.

6) In today’s time, a lot of thugs are being done by Free Fire, that’s why you do not come in the talk of anyone else and do not tell them even by forgetting about your personal information or your parents’ bank details.

7) You can play Free Fire according to the system by making a schedule in the day or play games according to the permission of your family members. And study too.

8) If you lose sometimes in playing Free Fire, then do not take it seriosly, it can worsen your mental condition and your health can also be affected.

9) Do not implement Stunt and Charater shown in Free Fire in real life, it will make you socially weak and sometimes. You can get into trouble.

10) Never complete the Events and Missions present in Free Fire, it wastes your time.
So these were some important things which was very important for you to know. Always remember these things, then only play Free Fire.

FAQ Question-

How much money does Free Fire earn in a day?

Ans- FF earns more than 70 Million Rupees in a day and earns 2000 Million Rupees a month.

Do you get money by playing Free Fire?

Ans- Yes, you get Rupees by playing FF.

Who earns the most money in Free Fire?

Ans- The owner of Free Fire earns the most money whose name is Forrest li.

last word-

So friends, this was today’s article in which you learned how to earn money from free fire. I hope that you liked this article of mine, if you have any question, then tell me by commenting below.

To read information related to such Free Fire, keep visiting our blog, we tell you this information after doing a lot of research for you, so do share it with your friends too.

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