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free fire dimond hack .com (100% working hack) | free fire diamond hack generator.

If you are also a Free Fire Player and you have been playing Free Fire for a long time, then you will know how important Diamond is in FF because we can make our Profile very high value with the help of Diamond in Free Fire.

Whatever you want, you can buy Bundle, Character, Gun Skin etc. and make your Id better. If we have Diamond then we can play better and Advance Level Game Play.

Because we know how to do Game Play well, but because we do not have Gun Skin and good Pet and Character, we fall behind somewhere because neither we have Diamond nor we can buy these things.

That’s why today I have written an article for you, in which it has been told that how to get free diamond in Free Fire and also told that how to get free fire diamond hack .com, that’s why you must read this article completely.

How to get Diamond in Free Fire?

You must have understood very well how much Diamond is important in Free Fire, but the biggest question is how to get free diamond in Free Fire, so I would like to tell you that nothing is available in Free, but Free also has to be paid. Is.

You know that it takes some hard work to get something in Free too, so I am going to tell you some tips using which you can get Diamond Free in Free Fire but you will have to work a little hard.

You can eliminate the problem of Diamond in your Free Fire by putting a little extra mind and where you need to show skill, you can earn Diamond by playing the best Free Fire.

What are the ways to get Diamond in Free Fire?

Friends, there are many ways to get Diamond in Free Fire, but I will tell you about the most artisanal way, by which you will be able to get Real Diamond and earn Diamond with very little effort and if you want to buy Diamond, then I will tell you some tricks, so that you can get Diamond very cheaply.

• Using Android Apps – In this we will tell you about some good apps which are useful for getting Diamonds in Free Fire.
• By reporting a bug in Free Fire
• Joining the Giveaway
• By participating in tournament
• With the help of Noob Id
• By joining FF Championship
• Websites to buy Diamonds at cheap rates.

What is Free Fire Game?

Free Fire is an online game which is available for both Android and IOS mobiles and you can download it from Google Play Store or IOS Store and with the help of these stores FF is also updated.

This is an Online Multiplayer Game in which 50 people play the game in the same map with the help of mobile or computer at their home and the person who survives alone in the last means if he does not get out then he does Booyah in Free Fire. Ki wins.

Many maps are available in Free Fire, Bermuda, Purgatory Kalahari and different types of Game Modes are available in these maps, Rank, Classic, Clash Squad, Rush Hour, etc. modes are available.

In this, Training Mode is also available for new users so that they can make their Game Play even better and perform well in Rank and Clash Squad. So this is Free Fire.

What is the real name of Free Fire and who founded it?

The real name of Free Fire is Garena Free Fire which is globally known as FF. Which was first published by 111 Dots. This is the Battle Royale Game published by Android and IOS which has become the most downloaded game in 2022 globally.

FF was founded by Forest Li, who is currently the current CEO and owner of Free Fire, who is a resident of Singapore, who founded the game.

Talk about which company it was established, then it was developed by 111 Dots Studio and Garena has officially launched it.

When was the Beta Version and Android Version of Free Fire published?

You must be aware that there is always controversy in BGMI Player and Free Fire Player regarding the launch of Free Fire. So I would like to tell for your knowledge that

The beta version of Free Fire was released on August 23, 2017, which was played on PC or computer, but in view of its popularity, it was released on Play Store or IOS Store on December 4, 2017 for Android and IOS.

What is the number of people playing Free Fire in the world?

When Free Fire was published in 2017, no one knew about it and it used to be 56 Mb, but in 2018 or 2019, this game gained so much popularity that it has become the world’s largest Battle Royal game.

So far Free Fire has been downloaded 1 Billion Worldwide, which is 1 billion if seen in Indian figures and you will be surprised to know that Daily Active users of Free Fire are 100 Million i.e. 10 crore people play Daily Free Fire.

Why is Free Fire popular in India?

Friends, Free Fire is popular not only in our country India but in the whole world, Free Fire is played a lot in Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal and many big players are from these countries.

There is not one but many reasons for the popularity of Free Fire in India, there is a good system of communication in Free Fire, we can play it with our friends and brothers and it can be downloaded and updated in less data than other Battle Ground Games. goes.

What is Free Fire Max and its benefits?

Free Fire Max is a new version of Free Fire and it is designed for mobile and iOS users who have high performance mobile and want to play FF with even more High Graphics and Smoothnes.

It is bigger in size than Free Fire and in this the graphics look very realistic and the sensitivity is also visible and the lobby can be seen with 360° animation.

Importance of Diamond in Free Fire?

The importance of Diamond in Free Fire is very high, you can guess from the fact that people buy Free Fire Diamond with money because Diamond is very useful in Free Fire.

With Diamond we can buy new Characters, Pet, Costumes, Emotes, Gun Skins, Gloo Wall Skin, Vehicles Skins etc. and can spin in Diamond Royale, Gun Royale and purchase the most important things Elite Pass .

(1) Trick to get free diamonds from Winzo Gold?

You must have seen many videos on YouTube that take 500-1000 Diamonds in one click from Winzo Gold but it is not like this, you can definitely take Diamonds in Free Fire but not like this.

Winzo Gold has partnered with Free Fire and tournaments happen in Winzo Gold, so that you can win diamonds for free and participate in tournaments by investing money.

A very good offer in this is that if you play FF tournament by investing some money, then you get 30 rupees for 1 kill, if you make two or three nails, then you can earn a lot of money and can take Diamond.

In this, you would get to play more games which can make you money slowly and if you share Winzo App to your friends then you can earn diamonds from that too.

App NameWinzo Gold
Size107 MB
Rating4.7 Star
Download70 Million+

(2) How to get free diamonds from BIG Cash App?

If you want to get Diamond for free, then you can do so with the help of Big Cash App because in this you can earn a lot of Diamond. With the help of this app, there is no need to spend even a single rupee from your pocket.

With the help of Big Cash, you can earn money by playing games and you can top up Diamond by sending this money to Bank or Paytm, you can get maximum Diamonds with the help of Refer & Earn program.

You will get to see many more options in this, from which you can take Diamond, but you will have to apply a little mind and work hard, so that you can extract up to 100 Diamonds of Daily.

App NameBIG Cash App
Size54 MB
Rating4.4 Star
Download20 Million+

(3) How to get free diamonds from Google Opinion Reward?

Friends, if you want to get Diamond in Free Fire absolutely free without any effort, then Google Opinion Reward is a very good app and it is reliable because it was launched by Google on Play Store, then you can understand that it How reliable is it?

In this you can get diamond by answering Serway. Basically whenever you open it after downloading it, you have to answer Serway in it and you get money in it, at one time you get 5-10 rupees very easily.

You are asked such a service once a week, from which you can make a good diamond in a month, if you make two to three IDs with a little mind, then how much diamond can be taken from Google Opinion Reward.

App NameGoogle Opinion Reward
Size9 MB
Rating4.4 Star
Download50 Million+

(4) How to get free diamonds from Booyah Tv?

Booyah Tv is a platform officially launched by Garena Free Fire, so that all Free Fire players can complete a few tasks and collect tons of diamonds and get Costumes, Guns Skin, and other Rewards.

To get Diamond in this, first of all you have to download Booyah Tv from Play Store. And you have to login with your Free Fire Id because you will login with Free Fire Id only then Booyah Tv people will send Diamond on your Free Fire Id, you can login with Facebook, google, Vk, Twitter.

In this you can get Booyah Token by completing Daily Task and you can exchange these Tokens into Diamond and other Reward which will be sent directly to your Free Fire Id.

In this, you can also take Diamond by watching the video, which will get 100% Winning Reward and it is not that you can take Diamond from it only on the first day, but you can take Diamond in it whenever you want, because there is always the option of Task and Video watching. Is.

Talking about Over All, you can collect Diamonds in a good amount of Daily in this and buy the goods of your choice.

App NameBooyah Tv
Rating4.3 Star
Download50 Million+

(5) Spin To Diamond – Luck By Spin

This is a very good app to get Diamond in Free Fire, in which you only have to spin the Spin Wheel, if your luck is good then you will get Diamond, otherwise you will get Coins, if you get Coins then there is no problem because you can convert these Coins into Diamonds. Can do

You will have a lot of fun to spin in it and the best thing is that if you add your id, then you can also show your name in the Leader Board that how many Diamonds you have taken in it.

App NameSpin To Diamond 
Size12 MB
Rating3.9 Star
Download1 Million+

Other ways to get Diamond in Free Fire-

(6) Get free diamonds in free fire by giving bug report?

If you play Free Fire, then you must know that there are so many bugs in Free Fire, so you can earn Diamond by finding the Bug, yes friends, Garena Free Fire gives us this option.
We found such bugs in Free Fire that even Garena people don’t know, then they give us Diamond Free. If you also know about some Secret Bug then claim your Diamond today.

(7) How to get free diamonds from Noob Id?

I am going to tell you one such trick. From which you can get as many Diamonds as you want. But you are not in Real Id but in Noob Id, yes friends, if you start a new Guest Id in Free Fire, then you get to see an Airdrop of 30 ₹ after playing only one match in it.

To whom we can gift anything to our Real Id and from this we can get very high Diamonds at cheap rates. You can extract a lot of Diamonds by making countless Noob Ids. And you can get 300 Diamonds in 30 ₹ Airdrop.

(8) How to get free diamonds in free fire by joining Give Away

Giveaway is such a thing that you can win a lot of Diamonds and Prizes on your own, yes friends, if you play Free Fire very well, you get more and more Booyah, then you must join the Giveaway.

You can use Youtube or Facebook platform to join the Giveaway and there is always a Giveaway on Youtube in which a lot of Diamonds are given.

You must be thinking that there is a lot of competition to join the Giveaway. I agree that there is a lot of competition, but there are many such Live Giveaways in which there is very little watching, but they give away because they have to grow their channel.

Simple to join Give Away, you can search YouTube for Live Give Away or Live Custom and join it and get huge amount of Diamonds and yes Give Away continues for 24 hours.

(9) Earn Diamonds by playing Tournaments.

Friends, if you want to get Diamond by playing Free Fire, then you can participate in Free Fire Tournament and in present time you can play Daily Tournament because in present time there are many apps which conduct tournaments.

The best app in my list is which always conducts Tournament and Daily you can participate in it and can win many Diamonds and Prizes, for this you can download from Playstore.

There are other apps for tournament, you can also earn Diamond with the help of app like Rooter.

(10) Buy Trick to get free diamonds from Games?

If you want to get 100% Bonus Diamond, then you can do so from the website of This is a Diamond buying website but its best thing is that you get 100% Bonus on Diamond Purchase.

Buy your 100 Diamonds then you will get 200 Diamonds means 100 Extra so you can easily get Diamonds in Free Fire from here too.

(11) Get free diamonds from free fire subscription?

Free Fire has recently given a new option in the Top Up section of subscription Diamond, in which you will get 875 Diamonds in recharge of ₹ 159 and 6150 Diamonds in ₹ 799 i.e. 616% Xtra Diamonds from here, so you can get Diamonds from this too and the most important thing That it is valid only One Time, once you have used it, you cannot do it again.

last word-

So friends this was today’s article in which I told you how to get free diamonds in free fire, I hope you have liked this post of today.

If you really understood Article, then definitely share it with your friends so that they too can get this information about free fire diamond getting trick.

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