Free Fire Diamonds Free: Best Free Diamond Apps in Free Fire

Free Fire Diamonds Free: Best Free Diamond Apps in Free Fire

Free Fire Diamonds

Diamonds are the in-game currency in the Free Fire game. With the help of diamonds, players can get many things in this game such as elite passes, characters, pets, skins, costumes, bundles etc. Free Fire is mostly popular for the character skins that are bought through diamonds in Free Fire. Players cannot get diamonds easily in Free Fire, because in Free Fire diamonds have to be bought with real money, which is not possible for every player.

If you are one of those players who do not want to buy diamonds with the help of money and are looking for tricks to get free diamonds in Free Fire, then today you have come to the right place. In today’s post we will show players tricks and tips on how to grab diamonds in Free Fire absolutely for free.

Today we will show you some of the best ways and apps using which players can earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire without using their real money.

Best apps to get free Diamonds

1) Google Opinion Rewards

This is the most trusted website to earn diamonds. This website has more than 50 million downloads on play store. On this app, players earn Google Play credits by answering quick surveys. Using this app is very easy, the player just need to download the app and answer some basic questions in this app.

In this app players will get surveys once a week and players will be given some money on completing those surveys, the player can also use the money in their Free Fire ID to buy diamonds.

Free Fire Diamonds Free: Best Free Diamond Apps in Free Fire
best apps to get free diamonds in free fire

2) Pool Pay

This is a GTP app. This app is the best app to earn real money rewards and free fire diamonds for free. To earn diamonds in the game, players have to complete short surveys and simple polls. Players receive rewards for completing these. Players can also use the cash redeemed from this app to buy diamonds in the Free Fire game.

Easy steps to start earning using Poll Pay App:

1) Download the Poll Pay App.

2) Install and open the app.

3) Log in via Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID.

4) Now click on the invite option to get the bonus of $0.25 (approx ₹20).

5) Now enter the invitation code given below.

6) Enter Invitation Code as Y88IK5KVYM

7) Booyah! You got a bonus of $0.25. Complete available surveys to earn more money.

3) Wrostgame

Wrostgame is an eSports platform, players have to participate in tournaments, giveaways available in this game to earn diamonds and money using it. If you win the giveaway of the tournament available in this site, then this website gives you a lot of prizes.

Players to use this you have to first search in their web browser, then players have to search for tournament, giveaway offers in this game. After finding these players can participate in these tournaments, giveaways.

4) Giveaways and Custom Rooms

Players can also participate in Giveaways and Custom Rooms to receive free giveaways in Free Fire. There are many such websites available on the internet that organize Giveaways and Custom Rooms to the players and sometimes send diamonds and sometimes money as a reward to the players. One of those sites is also

Free Fire Diamonds Free: Best Free Diamond Apps in Free Fire
free fire diamonds free app – free fire diamond app

5) Websites to Get Diamonds

Players will find many such get-to-paid websites on the Play Store that allow players to generate free diamonds for free fire, that too without any risk. All these websites ask players to complete surveys and quizzes, on completing these, players receive diamonds and money as a reward.

6) Free Fire Redeem Codes

This is officially the best way to earn diamonds or other in-game items in Free Fire. There are redeem codes for different regions available on the Internet which give players the opportunity to redeem many items such as diamonds, characters, skins, etc. for free.

Check out the list here: List of Free Fire redeem codes for Today (Updated daily)


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