Free Fire Config File Headshot : Free Fire Headshot Hack Config File Download

Free Fire Config File Headshot : Free Fire Headshot Hack Config File Download

Free Fire Config File Headshot: Hello friends, in today’s post we have brought you Free Fire Headshot config file. Using the Free Fire Headshot config file we mentioned is 100% safe, so all you players can use the config file we mentioned to become a pro player in less time.

Today we’ll be sending an auto-headshot config file to players playing Free Fire. By using this headshot hack file players’ headshot rate will increase very fast without much effort and player will be able to eat more chicken in free fire game.

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Benefits of Free Fire Config File Headshot.

  • Auto headshot rate will increase
  • simple tap headshot shoot
  • easy drag headshot
free fire headshot hack
  • excellent gaming performance
  • Aimbot Rate 85
  • target lock rate 90

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Method to Use the Free Fire Headshot Config File

1) First of all open the config file from the link given below.

2) Now extract the config file using Zarchive.

3) Now open the folder extracted by Zarchive.

4) Now copy the folder named “com.dts.freefireth” from the extracted folder.

5) Now go to Android/Data.

6) Now paste the copied folder there.

7) Finally restart your phone.


1. Are headshot hack config files safe to use?

  • The safety of using these files varies. While they may improve headshot accuracy, they can also result in account bans or other punitive actions from Free Fire’s developers.

2. Is it legal to use config files in Free Fire?

  • The legality of using config files in Free Fire is unclear. The game’s terms of service often prohibit the use of third-party software, but enforcement can vary.

3. Are there alternatives to using headshot hack config files for improving headshot accuracy?

  • Yes, players can practice their aiming skills, adjust in-game settings, and use legitimate in-game items to enhance their headshot percentage.

4. What should I be cautious of when searching for config files online?

  • When searching for config files, be cautious of suspicious websites, verify file integrity, and avoid sharing personal information.

5. How do Free Fire developers respond to the use of config files?

  • Free Fire developers actively monitor and combat the use of config files that provide unfair advantages, and they may suspend or ban accounts that use such files.

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