Free fire config auto headshot zip file : Download here

Free fire config auto headshot zip file : Download here

free fire config auto headshot zip file

Hello friends today we are going to share Garena Free Fire Headshot config file with you. Using this config file of Free Fire will increase the player’s headshot rate very quickly without much effort so my opinion is to follow all the steps I went through correctly to get the best result in Free Fire do .

Most players in Garena Free Fire do not have the patience to practice for many years to become a pro player, so this config auto of this free fire game is a short cut for players to become pro immediately.

What’s so special about config auto on Garena Free Fire

First of all let me introduce Garena Free Fire’s auto headshot config file. This is not a simple config file, Garena Free Fire also has a special auto headshot lib file that helps with brutal headshots.

Free Fire config auto headshot zip file download link is given at the end of this post

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Benefits of this file

  • Auto headshot rate up to 90%
  • Players can shoot headshots with a simple one tap
  • Easy Drag Headshot
  • It is 100% safe and secure
  • 100% Anti Ban System
  • Very easy to implement
  • Your gameplay will change instantly
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Aimbot rate 85
  • Target Lock Rate 90

Let us tell you that this file is not hacking or any illegal file, this file is 100% safe.

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What is the best sensitivity for a headshot in a Free Fire game?

Free fire config auto headshot zip file
Free fire config auto headshot zip file

The sensitivity of any game to a headshot depends on the performance of its device, which means it varies from device to device. Players should definitely check out this article if they want the best possible sensitivity for auto headshots in Free Fire.

If players are implementing this auto headshot config file, I recommend those players to use the default sensitivity. If a player has already changed their sensitivity, then players simply need to click on the reset button below the sensitivity settings.

You can try to apply the player sensitivity setting to 100 in this game which gives the player a different experience on his gameplay. Players must try something new everyday because exploration is what makes humans perfect and if players are perfect in their gameplay then players are known by the prefix “Pro”. The best short cut any player needs to become a professional player is to use an auto headshot config file.

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Why Use Config Auto for Free Fire

One of the main reasons for using a config file is that it is very easy to use in Free Fire and can be used by any player, no need to have any coding knowledge to do it in Free Fire is.

If you play free fire and use headshot mod menu then it is certain that your free fire account will get banned at some point of time but if you use config auto headshot then your account will be banned or suspended There is no chance of happening.

What is Free Fire Mod Menu APK

Free fire config auto headshot zip file
Free fire config auto headshot zip file

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Free Fire Mode Menu in Free Fire an Apk This is a hack like thing that helps the player to become a hacker in Free Fire which is not a good thing at all, am I right? Mod menu apk in Free Fire is much easier to use than hack or lua script because to use it in Free Fire the player needs to have the apk installed and the player is ready to modify on Free Fire.

We are not recommending you to use mod menu apk at all because it is not legal in free fire game and it is confirmed that free fire id of players will be banned. If players think that they can easily dodge Garena but you are wrong, then Garena Free Fire has an advanced hack detection system that will track players immediately and the players ID will be blacklisted. Garena Free Fire Hack Detection System will permanently ban the player’s account after a few days if players still use that MOD menu.

So if players want it then players can use it to show off in front of their friends by applying the MOD Menu APK to their guest account and players can pretend like a modder. The players’ friends will be jealous of the player seeing him do this.

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Rules of the game

Players must follow all the rules of the game otherwise you will be called a cheater. So if the player wants to make any additional modification in any game in this matter then the player should follow the rules of the game.

Free Fire strictly states that using any hack or mod is outside the law of Free Fire. This means that Free Fire does not restrict players from using headshot config files, making it clear that auto headshot config files are not illegal and are part of the Free Fire game.

However free fire don’t be a cheater by applying mod to your game but be a part of game by applying config file.

Free fire config auto headshot zip file
Free fire config auto headshot zip file


1) First of all open the config file from the link mentioned in our site.

2) Now extract the zip file using zarchiver.

3) After doing this open the extracted folder

4) Now you will have a folder named com.dts.freefireth copy that folder

5) After doing this go to Android/Data and paste the com.dts.freefireth folder there

6) Finally restart your device

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