Fortnite Redeem Code: Reward Free Fish Spray

Fortnite Redeem Code: Reward Free Fish Spray

Fortnite Redeem Code: Reward Free Fish Spray

In partnership with the Fortnite game’s fishstick Janki Bling, which can be unlocked in the very first page of the Battle Pass, June’s Fish Spray is available for free to players in the Fortnite game. In the Fortnite game, Spray paints a picture of Fishstick holding a guitar, in a summer dress and surrounded by several flowers.

This spray in the Fortnite game is a departure from the cosmic summer event that the Fortnite game recently brought to Season 7 with an alien theme. Fortnite also includes main characters like Rich Sanchez, Sunny, Kimera customizable skin, among many other sprays that players can unlock.

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June Fish Spray Code in Fortnite

To redeem this code, players need to visit the Fortnite game’s website via Epic Games, and then find a bar where the code can be typed in.

June Fish Spray is an unusual wall spray in Fortnite that players can use to mark their territory.

It was leaked and teased ahead of the launch of Season 7 of the Fortnite game and gave players a lot to get excited about. Here’s the code provided by Fortnite to redeem Fish Spray:

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Fortnite Redeem Code

Players can log into their Fortnite game account as they type and easily get this spray to spread the summer fun across the map. The most interesting thing to note about this spray in Fortnite is that it depicts a fish with hands, fingers, like a person, instead of fins.

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For redeemable codes in Fortnite to work, players must have two-factor authentication enabled for their Fortnite account. Like the Easy Life lobby track in the Fortnite game, other cool stuff that Epic Games has for free can be found very easily.

Fortnite typically offers players a handful of free locker room items with each season, and this June Fish Spray is definitely a good one to grab. It’s releasing new content as season 7 of the Fortnite game progresses .

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