Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online

Those in need of speed should definitely check out these five blazing fast planes in GTA Online.

Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online
Image Via: Gta.fandom

Fastest planes in GTA Online

This list given by us will be arranged by the Brophy method of rating speed. Contrary to what some players believe in this post of ours, in-game speed, brophy speed are two completely different metrics. The latter method is much more reliable, given the inaccuracies with the previous method, which determine what the fastest planes are.

It’s also important for players to note that our article is designed with only the Brophy method of speed in mind, and nothing that can completely affect the speed of an aircraft in a GTA Online game.

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List of Top 5 fastest planes in GTA Online.

1- Howard NX-25
fastest planes in GTA Online

This plane is the cheapest plane on this list, the cost of this plane is $1,296,750. The Howard NX-25 is purely a stunt plane, the only non-weapon vehicle on our list.

The exceptional flight speed of the Howard NX-25 makes this vehicle a great investment in GTA Online for aircraft lovers. The aircraft is capable of going up to 203.75 mph in GTA Online.

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2 – V-65 Molotok
fastest planes in GTA Online (Image Via : Gta.fandom)

This aircraft looks like a classic aircraft, the V-65 Molotok being able to fit easily with the more modern aircraft of GTA Online in terms of speed. The V-65 Molotok can go up to 207.75 mph, making this vehicle the second fastest aircraft and vehicle. The cost of the V-65 Molotok is $4,788,000.

The V-65 Molotok also has an excellent air-brake, which allows players to slow down quickly if they are going too fast.

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3 – Pyro
fastest planes in GTA Online

This plane is considered the fastest vehicle in GTA Online. However players should note that this small increase in speed compared to Rogue costs around $4,455,500.

No other vehicle can match the Pyro in terms of top speed. Pyro is a weaponized vehicle that is fully capable of taking two homing launcher hits.

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4 – Rogue
fastest planes in GTA Online (Image Via : Gta.fandom)

The cost of this vehicle is $1,596,000. The Rogue can easily go up to 219.50 mph in GTA Online games, making this vehicle a bit more expensive than the Howard NX-25 yet making it a faster budget option.

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5 – Hydra
fastest planes in GTA Online

The Hydra is the one that was not introduced in the 1.41 Smuggler Run update. Hydra was released in the 1.21 Heists DLC update, marking its return from GTA San Andreas as a notable weapons vehicle.

The Hydra is priced at $3,990,000. The Hydra is capable of going up to 209.25 mph in GTA Online. Players in GTA Online cannot sell this plane after buying it.

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