Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer: With a January 21st Release Date

15 Gorgeous Hi-Res Screenshots/Photos of the Elden Ring

Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer.

Panda GIF never lied. After almost 2 years of silence the Elden Ring gameplay trailer is finally out. It debuted during the Summer Games Fest, it shows you what essentially looks like Big Dark Souls and I’m good with it.

The Elden Ring gameplay release date for January 21 , 2022, was also announced, which means we don’t have to wait long for it to play out.

There’s a lot going on in the Elden Ring gameplay trailer, and much of it will feel familiar to anyone who’s played the Souls game over the past decade. The Elden Ring gameplay closely resembles that of Dark Souls, with broken cathedrals, bizarre monsters, and storytellers who could use a glass of water.

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Some important details to note:

  • The Blue Phantoms are back in Elden Ring gameplay, indicating that PvP and cooperatives are back as well. Do we get the phantom horse?
  • Our guy flips a lot, indicating that Dark Souls 3’s weapon art system is still here, but now it’s probably taking on a more elegant Sekiro-inspired look.
  • The cavalry combat raid in the Elden Ring gameplay is also visible, now our fuckin horse can jump, this time the Skyrim horses are over.
  • Are we traveling to a different reality? While this is a common and important theme in From’s Games, the crumbling, floating remains of a cathedral suggest that we are about to do the same here.
  • The Elden Ring gameplay features werewolves and the fallen king—the Elden Ring looks like a mashup of Dark Souls, Bloodborne.

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The gist of the story also appeared today on Bandai Namco’s Elden Ring page in the Elden Ring gameplay. it reads: The Golden Order is broken.

Arise, be tarnished, guided by grace to increase the power of the Elden Ring even more and become the Elden Lord in the middle of the land.

In the Elden Ring gameplay, the Elden Ring, the source of the Eardtree, is shattered among the lands ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal.

Marika’s progeny, all the gods who also claimed the pieces of the Elden Ring known as the Great Runes, have started a war with the insane stigma of their new power: The Shattering. This is a war that was meant to be abandoned by the Greater Will.

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Now the guidance of grace is to be brought to the tainted people who were turned down by the grace of gold and exiled from the middle lands. In the Elden Ring gameplay, the undead who are still alive have long lost your grace, to stand in front of the Elden Ring you must follow the path of the land beyond the misty sea. and become Elden Lord.

From all I could gather, it looks like we’re going to kill the power-hungry godchildren of the all-powerful God Queen, we’re going to steal her rings, and we’re going to get her ring back. Gathering from and capturing the joint.

Finally, here’s a bunch of screen shots, also provided by Bandai Namco. You can check them below.

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Image Credit : Fromsoftware
Image Credit : Fromsoftware

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Image Credit : Fromsoftware
Image Credit : Fromsoftware
Image Credit : Fromsoftware

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