Dragon tiger hack software (100% safe and working) | dragon tiger hack kaise kare.

Dragon tiger hack software (100% safe and working) | dragon tiger hack kaise kare.

Dragon tiger hack software (100% safe and working) | dragon tiger hack kaise kare.

If you want to earn a lot of money in a very short time sitting at home, then you can fulfill your dream of playing the game Dragon vs Tiger, for which there is a basic trick which you can read below,

For your information, let me tell you that dragon tiger is a type of gambling which is played online and this game is inside games like teen patti and rummy,

dragon vs tiger

If you know how to play rummy or play Teen Patti online, then you can hack this game easily because the gassing power should be good in this game.

The thing to note is that Dragon and Tiger is such a game that even a road husband can become a million husband by playing it, and if you do not play it properly, then even a million husband becomes a pauper,

Before knowing about this, we want to inform you that teen patti octro, teen patti gold and junglee rummy, this whole company is the owner of this game, which is very difficult to predict,

dragon tigerwinning tricks
best trciksteen patti gold
timingmorning 6 am
junglee rummywest of time
dragontiger only sunday

How dragon vs tiger game is played

Friends, this is a very simple game, that is, inside this game there is a dragon on one side and a tiger on the other, your job is to invest money in either of these two.

In this game sometimes dragon comes and sometimes tiger comes or again and again one thing keeps on coming and you have to play according to that when your prediction is done then you get double money,

This game is as easy as it seems, not that’s why people keep searching in google by writing dragon tiger game winning tricks, so play carefully,

dragon tiger game winning tricks

If the secret of dragon vs tiger tricks was in Hindi i.e. in Google and YouTube, then all Rummy and Teen Patti company would have become poor by closing the shutters of their shop?

For your information, let me tell you that there are no hacking tricks for this game, but those people keep you hacking and that’s why you lose again and again and out of 100 people are 2-4 people who win,

dragon vs tiger hack

You must have seen many videos in youtube about dragon vs tiger hack or tricks and in fact in all their videos, they also show by winning a lot of money in very less money,

For your information, let me tell you that all those companies have been giving sponsors to those YouTubers to promote their games, that’s why they already get information from the company that when it is going to be done,

dragon vs tiger my personal tricks

  • Understand the tricks of dragon vs tiger
  • This is the best winning tricks of this game
  • Open this game first
  • When there is a show of victory and defeat, then pay attention to the 2 cards.
  • When the cardamom leaves are asleep, then join the two leaves.
  • If king and 8 have come, then adding it will be 21
  • If ace and 4 come then adding 5 will be
  • Add as many as you get like this
  • Always divide the point of addition by 2
  • For example, if you divide 14 by 2, it will be 7.

AttentionWhatever will come by dividing dragon vs tiger tricks, the same answer will be bigger than 5 and smaller than 8, then 100% tiger will come there. And by dividing if it is smaller than 5 and greater than 8, then the dragon will definitely come.

Whatever I have talked about divide, definitely read it carefully.

Friends, there are really no tricks of dragon tiger game, so if you search such information in YouTube, then no one will tell you, if you liked reading the information of dragon vs tiger tricks in Hindi, then definitely share it,

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