Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Clan Wars, new maps, modes, and other additions.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty Mobile’s recent pre-season update was quite large and the size of that update was also reasonable due to the additions and customizations that come with it. That new update of Call of Duty had more to do with the change in balance, but Call of Duty also brought various confirmations about the new additions that the player will see in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4.

“Spurned and Burn” is officially revealed as the theme for COD Mobile Season 4 by the developers of Call of Duty. In connection with this new update, Devs also announced that the new season will bring a new multiplayer map, a new feature, new functional weapons, new events and more.

This article of ours will give you information about similar additions to season 4 of COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

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Information on new confirmed additions to COD Mobile Season 4.

New multiplayer map

This time COD will have a new addition to Modern Warfare 3 Season 4. This time COD Mobile’s map shows an empty military area in the desert that includes an abandoned military base, an underground control console and a deserted office. Has been done.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

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This map of COD Mobile has to be shown in multiplayer modes like Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Domination. This map will also provide players with the experience of close-quarters fighting. The availability of this COD Mobile map is still not known, but this map could make its way to the game with a featured mode in season 4.

Clan war

This is a new feature in COD Mobile, which has come through a pre-season update on COD Mobile. In this clan wars of COD Mobile virtual fights are made between clans to fulfil different objectives and also earn the resulting rewards such as clan trophies and clan currencies for the in-game clan store.

This clan war of COD Mobile will run from Tuesday to Sunday every week and players must join a clan on Monday to participate in these clan wars and claim rewards.

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New featured mode

COD Mobile “Capture the Gold” will return to the game through the new season and will feature gameplay similar to its previous version. Players must fight the enemy’s hideout and gain or collect gold and bring it back to their base.

Needless to say that the new featured mode will come with a new featured challenge. Players will then have the opportunity to receive free prizes.

New equipment and weapons

Heartbeat sensor

Heartbeat sensor is a tablet that allows players in COD Mobile games to track enemies through their heartbeat through any obstacle. This new feature of COD Mobile is available on Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 through the seasonal challenge “Under Pressure”.

New scorestreak
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

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Hawk X3 is the name of a new scorestreak that was part of COD Mobile’s pre-season update. The new scorestreak is not available in COD Mobile yet, but it is going to come in season 4 of COD Mobile on May 27, 2021.

Functional weapon

Both of these weapons, Holger and MK2, have been seen in the Battle Royal mode but the loadout of these weapons is yet to come in the gunsmith option. Arrival is expected after 27 May 2021 via a Call of Duty Battle Pass or an in-game event.

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