BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key – 100% working.

BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key.

BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key.

If you are a BGMI player, and knowingly or unknowingly your BGMI account has been banned, then in this post How to Unban you BGMI ID? will learn

Recently BGMI has banned more than 1 million accounts for violating the privacy of this game. However, there was a mistake in this that BGMI ID was also banned for some people who were not doing any kind of illegal activity and now they are worried about opening their BGMI ID.

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BGMI Unban request letter .

Hello BGMI Team,

I am a BGMI player. Recently my BGMI account got banned. I haven’t used any hacks and I haven’t violated any rules.

My account was banned incorrectly, I request you to kindly review my account once and unban it as soon as possible.

BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key.
bgmi account unban request letter

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How to Unban BGMI ID?

Let us tell you that when an ID is banned by Krafton, then this ban goes on for a total of 10 years. Thus it can be said that no one wants to wait for such a long time and that is why people whose ID has been banned by Krafton want to know.

How to unban BGMI ID or How to unblock BGMI ID. If you are also troubled by this problem then this article of ours will help you because next you will know how to unban BGMI ID.

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What to do to Unban BGMI ID?

To unblock your BGMI ID, you have to follow the simple steps given below.

1: First of all you have to visit Crafton’s help center, as this is the only way through which your BGMI ID will be unbanned. Below you are being given a link to the Crafton Help Center, by clicking on which you can reach its Help Center page.

2: As soon as you reach the Help Center by clicking on the link, you will see a form on your screen. Whatever information has been asked in this forum, you have to fill it correctly.

Like you have to enter your own email id inside this forum, enter the reason and also tell that you have violated any type of policy. Along with this, you also have to attach the screenshot of your Battleground Mobile India account here.

3: After filling all the information, you have to submit this form by pressing the submit button.
Now this application form of yours will be checked by the Battleground Mobile India team and if they find the reason given in the application form valid then your Battleground Mobile India account ID will be unbanned.

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And the confirmation email will also be sent to you by the Battleground Mobile India team on the email ID you have given in the application form.

BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key.
bgmi account unban script

Along with this, let us also tell you that if it is your fault, then the reason will also be told to you in the email and it will come when your Battleground Mobile India ID is not Unban.

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Why is BGMI ID banned?

Below are some of the main reasons why you will get the Battleground Mobile India ID banned.

• Using advertised, developed or unauthorized programs or hardware devices
• Modifying the game or modifying the server or game data using bugs and glitches
• abusing others online
• Publishing personal information
• Using another user’s account
• Abnormal payment system
• Selling or buying accounts
• Reporting false information online

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Can we open PUBG Ban Facebook account?

To play pubg game, many people link their facebook account with pubg game and many times due to illegal activity, facebook account used in pubg is blocked by pubg.

In such a situation, people want to know whether we can unblock him, then the simple answer is that you cannot do it.

BGMI unban request letter : BGMI account unban apk key.
bgmi account unban apk

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How to Unban 10 Years PUBG Mobile?

1: First of all open the PUBG game on your smartphone.

2: Now take a screenshot of the ban notice.

3: Now find the file claim option and click on it.

4: Now you will see option of “why is my account ban”, click on it.

5: Now the Ban Record option that you see, press it. After this also take a screenshot of the ban record.

6: Now type “I want my PUBG account back” in the given box and then click on send button.

7: After this, in the further process, click on the button with Contact Us.

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8: After this, enter the date on which your pubg account is closed.

9: Now write the description.

10: Now upload the two screenshots you have taken and at last click on the button of Submit My Case.

11: Now your application will go to pubg team for review and if everything goes well then your account will be unbanned.


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    Hello Team Battlegrounds Mobile India,

    My BGMI Account Ban Without Any Reason

    My Character ID:- 55583233796

    I never ever played BGMI against the rules of conduct that you provided in official website please review my account asap and unban it as soon as possible.

    Thank You.


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