BGMI UC Hack : Best Way to Get Free UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India .



BGMI has been officially made available on the Google Play Store. The news has delighted millions of fans of the BGMI game across the country and the game has crossed millions of downloads within a few hours of the game’s launch.

BGMI offers players a special in-game currency called UC, through which players can easily unlock colorful outfits, upgradeable weapon skins, and Royale Passes. However it is not easy for all players to buy UC in any game with real money.

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What are the best ways to get free UC in BGMI?

1) Google Opinion Rewards

google openion reward


Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to get free UC at BGMI. It has an easy-to-use user interface where players can quickly understand the basic features of the app.

This app is based on surveys sent by Google to its users. On completion the user is rewarded with real cash. This cash can be easily redeemed on Android’s Google Play Store for downloading paid apps, services. Money received from Google Opinion Rewards can also be used to purchase UC at BGMI for free.

Download : Google Opinion Rewards

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2) Giveaways


Another way to get free UC in BGMI is with the help of Giveaway. There are many channels and pages available on the internet these days that give daily gifts of UC, and players can participate here to get free UC in their accounts.

It’s very easy to participate in these giveaways for free. Players should follow pages and channels that give daily gifts to increase their chances of winning free UC in BGMI.

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3) Custom room/tournaments


The third tip is to participate in tournaments/custom rooms at BGMI. Multiple YouTube channels host daily custom rooms and tournaments with prizes like UC, Elite Royale passes and money.

Players with good skills at BGMI can also gain a lot of competitive experience from these custom rooms and tournaments, in addition to winning free UC.

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