BGMI Tiers : Tier Rank in Battleground Mobile India : BGMI tier list

BGMI Tiers : Tier Rank in Battleground Mobile India

BGMI Tiers : As you all must be aware that every new season of Battleground Mobile India has a tier drop for all the players from the beginning. Similarly every BGMI player goes through this downgrading process of the player.

So in today’s post I have updated the new ranking system for Battleground Mobile India for the players. Today’s post will give you the correct and important information about BGMI Tier.

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Tier List in BGMI :BGMI Tiers list

Current Tier RankNew Tier Rank
Conqueror & Ace 6* PlusPlatinum 1
Ace 1* To 6*Platinum 2
Crown 1Platinum 3
Crown 2, 3Platinum 4
Crown 4,5Platinum 5
Diamond 1,2Gold 1
Diamond 3,4,5Gold 2
Platinum 1,2,3Gold 3
Platinum 4,5 & Gold 1Gold 4
Gold 2,3,4,5Gold 5
Silver 1,2,3,4,5Silver 1,2,3,4,5
Bronze 1,2,3,4,5Bronze 1,2,3,4,5

BGMI Tiers : Tier Rank in Battleground Mobile India
tier rank in bgmi – tier list in bgmi

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Tear Drop System BGMI

In the new update of Battlegrounds Mobile India game, tiers will be demoting based on their existing tiers. In this case players will be informed about the top tiers of BGMI Mobile. These top BGMI level winners, Ace Gold Stars, are Ace 6+ Stars. These three levels of BGMI will see a huge drop on Platinum 1. So these players playing BGMI will now have to re-rank from Platinum to the top. This task will be difficult but not impossible.

Super Tier for players in ACE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . Similarly, players coming from below will get Tier Drop on Platinum II.

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If players in Tier Ace 6, Ace 5, Ace 4, Ace 3, Ace 2 and Ace 1 start rushing to rank up as quickly as possible, doing so will make it much easier for these players to rank up in the BGMI .

Players from Ace 1 to Ace 6 will be dropped in Platinum. In BGMI this system is very unbalanced because upper league players are more likely to play with lower league players. And thus matches will generally become complicated for these players.

Players in Crown remain likely to face Demote on Platinum 3. However, players in the lower leagues are more likely than ever to stay in the same position.

According to the new update from BGMI, currently Gold I-Tier players may face a downgrade to Gold IV-Tier. Similarly, with the new update of the buggy game, players of the existing Platinum 4 tier will face a drop in the Gold IV-tier. Additionally, players in the current Platinum V-Tier may face a drop-down to the Gold IV-Tier as a new update to BGMI.

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According to the new update from BGMI, players in Gold II will be replacing Gold V Tier, and Gold III-Tier may face a drop-down on Golden V-Tier.

The new update to BGMI also mentions that players of GOLD IV 4 Tier may face a drop-down on GOLD V-Tier. Additionally as a new update to the BGMI game, players in the current Gold V Tier may face a drop-down on the Gold V-Tier.

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