BGMI ranks : Battleground mobile india latest rank list with points.

bgmi ranks

BGMI Ranks

In BGMI every player tries to move up his rank. There is a lot of competition among players to reach the ranking of BGMI winner. After the new update of the BGMI game, some new tiers are added to this game, making it challenging for players to reach the ranking of this game winner.

If you also want to know the latest tier list in Battleground Mobile India then you have to see our latest rank chart mentioned in this post .

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BGMI rank list with points

BGMI Rank ListBGMI PointsBGMI Lite Points
Silver V17001700
Ace Master4700Not Confirm
Ace Dominator5200Not Confirm
ConquerorTop 500 PlayersTop 500 Players
bgmi ranks
bgmi ranks – bgmi ranks in order

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How to Increase Ranking in BGMI

  • To move up the rankings in BGMI, you have to play with a good team.
  • You have to get off at a safe place. .
  • You have to try to hit all the boats.
  • Have to survive till the end.
  • To get more and more Chicken Dinners.

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