BGMI ping fix apk : bgmi lag fix mod apk : bgmi lag fix file download – (100% Working) : how to fix lag in BGMI .

BGMI ping fix apk : bgmi lag fix mod apk : bgmi lag fix file download : how to fix lag in BGMI .

BGMI ping fix apk : bgmi lag fix mod apk : bgmi lag fix file download .

Friends, when there is a Ping or Lag problem while playing the game, then the whole game gets spoiled, neither the gun is picked up properly nor the bullet is fired on time. You get fed up with the ping problem in BGMI and then do not even feel like playing the game, that’s why today I have written this article, which will make your game’s ping absolutely correct.

Nowadays a lot of players come to BGMI, so there is a load on the server and then new updates keep coming, because of this, the one who has low and end device does not know how to play at all. If you also have a low and end device or there is a ping issue while playing the game, then today with the help of this article everything will be correct. So let’s start with the buyer and know.

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How to solve BGMI Ping Problem ?

Whether BGMI game or free fire ping issue comes in everyone, now if you play BGMI or Free fire ping issue comes anytime from today onwards then following the things mentioned in this article the ping problem will be perfect. Most of the Ping issue comes at night and it bothers so much that even if it is not played well and playing with teammates, then we cannot even speak in the mic or hear it.

BGMI ping fix apk : bgmi lag fix mod apk : bgmi lag fix file download : how to fix lag in BGMI .
bgmi lag fix mod apk – bgmi lag fix file download

Although there are many ways to correct the ping issue on the internet, but let us tell you that many people say that you should change the APN setting, but you should never disturb the APN setting because most of the issue is from that. If ping is stuck in your game too, then you can follow the settings given below:

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Delete Unwanted Apps

If there is any unnecessary app in your mobile which you do not use, then uninstall it, or delete any such app which you use sometimes and install it whenever you need this app. . When you delete unnecessary apps from mobile, then that app will not be able to use internet in background and you will use less data and will run well.

Restart Your Phone

Every time you play the game in a day, before that you must restart your mobile. With this, whatever app is running in the background, it will be closed and the phone will not load and ping will also be good.

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Boost your Mobile

Nowadays every phone comes with a cleaner or security app, with this you can scan and boost your mobile. Before playing the game, you must boost the phone once, remember do not install an app that boosts the phone from the play store or anywhere, if your phone is already an app, use the same one.

Clear Background Apps

Before playing the game, close all the apps running in the background. This will not read the load on the RAM of the mobile and the RAM will perform well.

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Clear Storage

If the storage in your mobile is full, then empty it too. At least 4GB to 5GB should be free in your mobile, this will not load on the phone and the internet will run well.

Use Game Booster

If you have a game booster in your mobile, then use it, it will run well on the internet during gaming. If you do not have game booster in your phone then remember not to use third party app.

Don’t Use VPN

If the internet does not work well in your area, then do not use VPN.

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Don’t Change APN Setting

When the ping is not good in the game, then most people change the APN settings after watching the video on youtube, but you should never do this, if you want good internet speed then you can restore the APN setting. By doing this, a good setting will be done from the part of your area.

Friends, these were some tips, if you follow all these tips then BGMI Ping Problem will be fixed. Do not use third party app after coming into someone’s talk, it will make ping worse, keep your mobile empty and clean.

BGMI ping fix apk : bgmi lag fix mod apk : bgmi lag fix file download : how to fix lag in BGMI .
bgmi lag fix config file download – how to fix lag in bgmi

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How To Fix BGMI Ping Issue?

To fix Ping issue in BGMI, you have to follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Changing APN setting corrects ping?

By changing the APN setting, Ping is not correct but starts getting worse. Once the APN setting is restored.


Today we have learned about BGMI pig fix apk in this article. If your Ping comes right from the tips mentioned in this article, then definitely share it with your friends whose BGMI Ping problem comes. If still BGMI Ping Problem is coming, then definitely tell in the comment.

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