BGMI mic not working fix problem

BGMI mic not working fix problem

BGMI Mic Not Working:

Many players have been facing errors and problems in Battlegrounds mobile india like mic glitch, server reconnection, high ping, network too busy etc. A lot of errors have been reported recently by players playing BGMI games and one of those errors is the mic glitch.

There have been many other mic glitch related errors in BGMI such as: poor quality sound, mic not turning on, mic not working well etc. Many players don’t know how to fix mic problem in this game, so in today’s post we are going to show players how to fix mic problem in BGMI.

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Ways to fix mic problem in BGMI.

Players should try to apply each of the methods we mentioned and then check if your mic is fixed. The players mic error will definitely be fixed by following all the methods we mentioned. We have listed here some quick methods that are able to fix mic glitch error in this game.

1) Players should try to use Virtual Private Network app

2) Minimize BGMI for a few seconds

3) Use dns changer app

4) Lead your friends

5) Toggle in Airplane Mode

6) Use another internet service provider

7) View microphone permission for BGMI

BGMI mic not working fix problem
BGMI mic not working

8) Update game to latest version

9) Lock and unlock the phone once in the lobby section

10) Repair game from the startup loading screen

11) Use Discord for voice conferencing while playing the game

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So let’s see how players can implement each of the methods that help you fix Mike’s glitches in the game.

BGMI mic not working fix problem
mic problem bgmi – bgmi mic issue

1) Player must use Virtual Private Network App

This is the coolest trick to fix mic malfunctions in the game. I recommend players to use NordVPN, as it is by far one of the best VPNs in the market that provides fast virtual network to the player playing this game. The special thing about a VPN is that there is no limit to its use, which means that anyone can connect to the VPN for a long time.

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2) Minimize BGMI for a few seconds

Doing so will help the player to fix the problem with his mic in the game. For this, players will first have to disable their mic from the lobby, after doing this the player will have to invite his friends to the lobby, now the player will have to minimize the BGMI for a few seconds. Now the player has to re-open his game from the recent apps list and then enable his mic from the lobby section. This will fix the players mic problem when it is in the lobby section.

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3) Use dns changer app

This trick works on all devices and with different internet operators, this trick helps the player to fix mic error in BGMI. To use this method, the player has to download the DNS Changer application and then the player has to install it on his device.

4) Toggle in Airplane Mode

Players can also toggle on Airplane Mode to solve the mic issue in their mobiles. Because sometimes there may be some problem with internet connectivity in player’s device which may result in network error in player’s mobile while playing the game. So the player should once toggle his mobile in Airplane Mode.

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