BGMI free UC redeem code

BGMI free UC redeem code

bgmi free uc redeem codes : Since battlegrounds mobile india launch , fans of this game are wondering about redeem codes and redeem code website for the game. Because Redeem codes provide players with a lot of things at free of cost. Developers provide players with many free items such as skins, costumes, UC etc. through redeem codes. In this article we will talk about the redeem codes of BGMI which will provide free UC to the players.

After the release of the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, some redeem codes have been issued by the developer of this game. These redeem codes issued by Battlegrounds Mobile India will provide free UC to the players. Players can see the list of these redeem codes below.

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List of BGMI free UC redeem code

  • Fakhushusan – 10UC
  • Luebflvidsv – 200 UC
  • Slackjasjund – 20 UC
BGMI free UC redeem code
BGMI free UC redeem code -BGMI uc redeem code

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Battlegrounds Mobile India UC Price List 2021

  • 60 -INR 75
  • 300 + (Free 25) – INR 380
  • 600 + (Free 25) – INR 750
  • 1500 + (Free 300) – INR 1900
  • 3000 + (Free 850) – INR 3800
  • 6000 + (Free 2100) – INR 7500

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How to Use Battlegrounds Mobile India Redeem Code

Once the player receives the redeem code, the player can redeem the received redeem code on the official website of BGMI. To redeem these Free Redeem Codes of Battlegrounds Mobile India, players have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – First of all, the player has to visit the Redeem Battlegrounds Mobile India official rewards website. (Website)

Step 2 – Now the player has to copy the character ID from his in-game profile and paste it on the same page. Doing so will display the character ID above the player’s profile picture in Redeem Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Step 3 – Now the player has to click on the redeem option and the free item will be sent to the player through the in-game mail section. Players can then activate the redeemed item in the Inventory section.

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