BGMI Free Emotes : How to get Free Emotes in BGMI?

BGMI Free Emotes : How to get Free Emotes in BGMI?

BGMI Free Emotes : Hello friends, today we will tell you a trick to unlock free Emotess in battleground mobile india. This trick is 100% working for battleground mobile india season update 0.13.5. Today I am going to tell you 3 tricks out of which 2 are for free royal pass players and one is for paid royal pass players. Where as Free Royale Pass users mean players who have not yet purchased a Royale Pass can also unlock BGMI Emotess for free. And those players who want to buy this royal pass can use all 3 tricks to unlock emotions in bgmi easily for free.

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Tricks to unlock bgmi free Emotes:

Trick 1 to unlock free Emotes:

1) After opening the game in your mobile, you go to the RP mission section.

BGMI Free Emotes : BGMI Free Emotes download

2) There you will see “Create Box”.

get free emotes in bgmi

3) This box gets unlocked for the player whenever the player completes 10 missions.

Earlier till last season bgmi used to provide only few Royale Pass Points in this box. But from season 8 onwards bgmi gives players more royal pass points.

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Trick 2 to unlock free Emotes:

In the new update of Battleground Mobile India, a lot of changes have been made in the accessories and design of the store. A few different items are now made available in bgmi’s store. What we mean by individual items is that players can now easily buy Emotes using some silver coins. There is an emotion in this game that players can miss, it is a dancing emotion. Players can buy it with around 1100 Silver Fragments.

If you do not have that many pieces of silver yet, then you do not need to worry at all, I have some more advice for you to solve this problem too. For this, the player has to go into the inventory and remove all the non-essential items. By doing this the player will get free silver pieces, now you can unlock bgmi Emotess for free.

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Trick 3 to unlock free Emotes

Note: This trick is only for those players who want to buy Player Royale Pass. If you are not a Royal Pass user then you cannot unlock Emotions for free using this trick.

1) First of all go to RP in your battleground mobile india game.

free emotes in bgmi – free emotes bgmi

2) Now again go to Redeem option which is next to Mission tab. There players will see a box on the right side with the name Ocean Treasure, click on that box.

3) If you have bought Royal Pass then you can buy any Emotes using BP Points.

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