BGMI emotes file download

BGMI emotes file download

BGMI emotes file download

Today we will provide you emotes file in bgmi and also tell you trick and hack to unlock emotes. emotes file hack for battleground mobile india game is 100% working. First of all I will tell you tricks to get free emotes in bgmi and after that emotes file will be provided to you, with the help of which you will be able to get emotes in bgmi.

Players will be able to get free emotes in BGMI with the help of the trick and hack file mentioned above.

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Tips to unlock free emotes:

Trick 1:

1) First of all go to RP Mission section in BGMI.

bgmi emote file download – bgmi emotes free

2) Now you will see Crate Box.

3) This box is unlocked for you whenever you complete 10 missions.

4) After this box is unlocked you will be able to get free emotes in the bgmi.

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Trick 2:

Players can buy emotes in BGMI using some silver coins. This is the best way to get emotes in bgmi for free. If you don’t have that many pieces of silver yet, you’ll need to go to the inventory section of the BGMI game and remove all non-essential items. By doing this you will get free silver pieces in BGMI, which you can use to unlock emotes in bgmi.

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Trick 3:

Note: This trick is only for players who have purchased Royale Pass.

1) Go to the RP section of Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

bgmi emotes download – bgmi emotes free fownload

2) Now go to the Redeem option. Now you will see a box named Ocean Treasure, click on that box.

3) From here you can buy any emotes using BP Points.

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How to download BGMI emotes file

1) Download the emotes file from the link mentioned in our site.

2) Your next step is to extract the zip file using zarchiver.

3) Now open the extracted folder.

4) Copy the com.dts.bgmi folder from the extracted folder.

5) Go to Android > Data and paste com.dts.bgmi.

6) Restart your device

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