Best Way to Get Free UC Easily in BGMI

Best Way to Get Free UC Easily in BGMI

Best Way to Get Free UC Easily in BGMI

UC is an in-game currency in BGMI that is used to purchase special items in the game such as skins and more. Royal Pass (RP) in BGMI is a tier-based reward system, which also requires players to spend UC in BGMI.

It’s not free though, and getting the currency isn’t possible for most gamers. So players keep looking for alternative ways to get UC at no cost.

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Ways to Get Free UC in BGMI

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Best Way to Get Free UC in bgmi

To get started, players playing BGMI need to create a profile on Google Opinion Rewards by entering information such as country, postal code, gender, age and language. Simple surveys are sent for them to complete, which rewards them with Google Play credits.

Players need to note that the rewards per survey and frequency may vary from player to player. Credits collected by the player can be used to purchase UC directly in the BGMI game.

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2) GPT website and application

Various offers, websites and applications usually reward players. These include tasks like surveys, quizzes, watching videos, etc. Players who play this game in the future will be eligible to claim various prizes including gift cards.

There are many GPT sites and apps available online, and some of the popular ones are Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Easy Rewards, and Poll Pay. Players can use previously earned rewards to purchase in-game currency later in the BGMI game.

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3) Custom rooms and tournaments

Best Way to Get Free UC – free uc hack

Participating in tournaments and custom rooms at BGMI is the last method on this list. Many YouTube channels, content creators host a host of activities where players get a chance to receive UC along with other rewards including a Royal Pass.

As a result players can participate in custom rooms and tournaments to win free UC.

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