Best Minecraft Servers : Top 4 Minecraft Servers with IP .

Best Minecraft Servers : 4 Best Minecraft Servers

Best Minecraft Servers

If you’re looking for the best server to join Minecraft, luckily you’ve come to the right place. Today we will give you information about the best server in minecraft. Servers in a Minecraft game are the best way to see the simplicity that is in the Minecraft community. Minecraft servers offer much more than what the original game had to offer, all with the mind of an active, creative community.

Joining servers with your group of friends in minecraft is very simple. Boot up Minecraft as a normal player, then type the name of the server as the title, then type the IP address in the box below and save it, click Play after saving, And now you are all set to go. Some beautiful servers in Minecraft may even ask you to download resources and texture packs, and players can learn the easiest way to install them with our best Minecraft texture pack guide here.

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1- Autcraft

Best Minecraft Servers

IP Address:

This is a server This server is specially designed for children, adults with autism. This server is designed to be a safe haven for players who want to easily get rid of potentially bulky things you can find on other servers. This server includes a lot of cool things like no scary characters and making sure everything in this server is kept kid friendly. Players must apply to connect to this server, but if players make it through you are good to go.

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2- Extreme Craft

Best Minecraft Servers

IP Address:

It keeps popping up because of too many servers to play with, servers that include a fully fleshed out survival mode, Hunger Games, Faction, SkyGrid, Skywar, Skyblock, Acid Island, Agwar, etc. In Minecraft this is a creative mode, on top of the role-playing option. This mod is like a Minecraft greatest hits compilation.

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3- Potter World MC

Best Minecraft Servers – Best Minecraft Servers

IP Address:

When players first enter the Potter world, players are greeted by a boy battling a Dementor as Hogwarts sits ominously in the background. Like Middle Earth in this mode it totally falls out when it comes to authenticity. In this mode the buildings appear full of interior decoration. You can learn how to make potions in this mode or duel with other wizards and witches.

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4- grand theft minecart

Best Minecraft Servers
Best Minecraft Servers

IP Address:

You can guess from its title which popular video game series this server is based on. You probably guessed it: Hello Kitty Online Invincible Juggernaut or GTA.

Join this server in Minecraft and you’ll be treated to two different game modes, as well as about 35 different GTA-inspired weapons. This server also has a lot of vehicle offerings including cars, planes, and of course, tanks.

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