Best Minecraft Mansions : List of 7 Best Minecraft Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions : List of 7 Best Minecraft Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions

If you are bored with survival bases and instead want a luxurious Minecraft mansion, today we bring you a list of the best Minecraft mansion for you. Today we have collected the best Minecraft Mansion Tutorials, Maps and Downloads for Players that will give the players a spark of creativity to make that great upgrade.

If you’ve already mastered building a great house in the Minecraft game, you probably already understand the basics of building, so expanding your base of operations into something more grand isn’t such a big undertaking. Should be. So, if you’re ready to take your next step on the property ladder in Minecraft, there’s sure to be something on this list of Minecraft mansions that inspires you.

If your heart is set on a mansion in minecraft, then one thing is possible that our collection of minecraft house ideas will not deviate you from your goal at all. It’s great luck that you’ll find a list of the best Minecraft mansions below, which include modern wonders, cliff-side constructions, and everything in between.

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1- Large Oak Survival Base

Best Minecraft Mansions

If survival mansions in a Minecraft game were built to keep out the elements, then Large Oak Survival Base was built to keep out the apocalypse. In Minecraft it essentially comes with four symmetrical houses on each corner, completely protected by thick oak walls around the outside. There is also space available for the garden at its centre.

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2- Survival Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions
Best Minecraft Mansions (Image Via : Reddit)

This is a great asset to players if they find themselves battling the elements. The mansion is elevated slightly to help protect it from the various evils that can destroy it: strong winds, rain, or zombies. This mansion has also got a wealth of different materials, storage capacity.

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3- Modern Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions

It will be a grand villa, in which you will have but also a complete interior full of furniture, decoration. It’s so cool, making a modern mansion in minecraft is like a dream come true. Everyone wants to make modern mansion in minecraft.

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4- Contemporary Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions
Image Via : Planet Minecraft

The place is fitted with a sauna, bowling alley and an indoor pool so that you can take a good break there. This mansion has enough rooms to make anyone angry about the state of the housing market.

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5- Medieval Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions
best minecraft mansion ideas (Image Via : Planet Minecraft )

What is missing in this mansion is the Tower of Babel feel. They can all make the player comfortable and protect the player, but they don’t leave the player with a sense of superiority that comes from building a mansion in heaven.

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6- Wentworth Mansion

Best Minecraft Mansions
Image Via : best minecraft mansion to build (Image Via : ru-m )

This lakeside mansion is surrounded by lots of incredible views from all around. Not only is the Wentworth Mansion huge in this mansion, but the player also gets his own swimming pool in this mansion.

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7- Modern Mountain House

Best Minecraft Mansions
modern minecraft mansion (Image Via : Planet Minecraft )

This is the coolest of the mansions in Minecraft on our list today. Well let’s calm down if players can deal with the mild terror that comes from looking out of that cliff dwelling and seeing nothing but the gaping gap.

The Vertigo-Inspired Nausea in This House Aside, the design of the Modern Mountain House is surprisingly very modern. The mansion has plenty of storage and a large kitchen, which provides the players with everything they need for a comfortable digital life.

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